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Default Steampunk Outfit

Hey guys, how is everyone doing?

Man it's been a while and to be honest i'm feeling a bit nostalgic atm since I haven't made one of these in around a month, but it feels like years!

I'm sorry i'm being quiet lately, i've been a bit busy and doing other stuff so I don't know when i'm posting another mod again, but if i come up with something i'll try to find some time!

Alright so what i bring you this time around is a steampunk (kinda .P) inspired outfit for good old Lara, I sure am rusty making these mods but I think you will find it atleast ok

I tried to add some new things like bow ties to the boots, a gear to her backpack and other small things to make the outfit less boring. I had some more things planned for it, but I forgot the game is very picky when it comes to poly count >_>

Anyway guys I hope you are all having an awesome 2019 so far and we will see each other around!

This mod works in all levels/gym/uf with a few visual glitches, except for "Atlantean Stronghold". That level will have normal lara

PS: Alex if you are reading this I just wanted to thank you for the awards of the core design website, I was really happy about it . It was an awesome year for tomb raider, full of awesome projects and fun stuff! Thanks for your hard work, I hope you are doing great!

Download - Steampunk

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