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"The Path Home" is important in both title and concept to me.

I feel like we've always been on this journey seeing Lara grow and go through these experiences ever since she was a young intrepid explorer. But she's gone through TR 2013, she's gone through Rise and she's gone through Shadow. She's grown up. She's become the Tomb Raider as we've all said, so many times. So what's next, following everything that happened Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Joining Lara on The Path Home both figuratively and ...

To me (and this is my own personal interpretation of things), this also means bringing those concepts that we've known and loved together. Take the Tactical Adventurer for example. It was the next and natural evolution of things. But it's a wholly different experience to start seeing Lara's shirt turn teal, or her getting red laces, etc. The tombs in the DLC have been some absolute top-notch experiences, harkening back to more classic experiences. Seeing these manifestations, like a giant swiveling Caiman statue in DLC6 or Lara facing a Doppleganger-esque version of herself in DLC3 are love letters to Tomb Raider. And we have a lot more letters to write.

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