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The newer Windows 10 updates now allows a computers complete locale to be changed to worldwide utf8 (beta) instead of selecting individual language for non unicode programs.

This still hasn't fixed the long running issue that east Asian languages won't render ingame no matter what encoding settings are used for the txt language script or the WFF_ flags. Even if there is a setting I'm missing somewhere deep in windows, it'd be a hassle to ask players to do the same.

The Japanese (and possibly other Asian dubs) on Playstation used an extra level file called kanji.psx. I assume within are textures for the (max..approx 400 extra) japanese letter textures. I'm unsure how this was handled in the dreamcast version but I'm curious as it was apparently ported straight from WindowsCE?

just leaving this here as food for thought for the plugin and improvement gods. I don't know how unrealistic it is to dream of an extended font.pc file or something that doesn't need to draw windows fonts at all. I clock 10fps even with the screwed up encoding all over the screen.

I've honestly tried all the combinations
WFF_UTF8, WFF_UNICODE, ms_Gothic, 128:ms_Gothic.
Japanese text file is encoded in shiftjis..I dunno what else I can do.

The utf8 windows locale better I mentioned DOES however now allow the japan.txt to be readable in NGCENTRE, beforehand it was just random symbols
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