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Default Tomb Raider: Summertide

Hello boys and girls how are you all doing?

Summer is almost here, and with that in mind I bring you a special mod to celebrate it!

I present you Tomb Raider: Summertide, a summer inspired mod for tomb raider 1.

Making the christmas edition mod was one of my favorite things for tomb raider, and seeing people having fun with it on twitch just gave me extra motivation for doing this one.
I pushed the absolute limits of the game here since I wanted to give all enemies a new twist and props, not just simple reskins like the winter mod.

So, what can you expect from this?

- All levels designed in a summerish way (Sand, vegetation, flowers etc)

- 4 New Outfits for lara

- New models for characters, enemies and bosses.

- Funny moments and surprises

- An optional icon for the game

I know this came out of nowhere and I hinted for a smaller mod release, but I wanted to release this one without teasing it one bit, so I hope it is a nice surprise
I hope you have fun with it, and for those of you that don't play it on the pc and want to see the models/levels, I will try to post a link if anyone on twitch plays it

Anyway guys have a great summer and stay fresh!

Until next time!

Glitches and bugs:

- Very few minor visual glitches in some levels
- 1 or 2 enemies are normal or just reskin otherwise the game would crash
- Lara has her normal outfit in the last level in order for the game to work

Works in Tr1 levels / gym

Download - Tomb Raider Summertide
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