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New (WIP) feature in my WIP third plugin – to change the colors of these bars, to custom colors:

- Lara's general health bar
- Lara's underwater air bar
- Lara's dash bar
- Lara's cold water vitality bar
- Lara's damage room vitality bar
- custom bar 1, 2, 3 or 4

The colors are:
- the thick stripe in the middle: one color, customizable with this feature,
- the two thin stripes at the upper/lower edges: one color, customizable with this feature,
- black background: one color, constant,
- white frame: one color, constant.

The customizations – one for the thick stripe, and another one for the thin stripes, if you want, even at the same time:
- sudden change any time during the level,
- custom (max three per bar) percents to change the color, reaching that percent,
- changing the color step by step from 0 % to 100 % (or vice verse),
- pulsing between two colors (different pulsing time can be set for thick/thin stripes),
- constant, then, below a custom percent, blinking between two colors (different blinking time can be set for thick/thin stripes),*
- restore default colors (which can be CUST_BAR or Damage Script command color as well).

*: default blinking was not modified in Lara’s bars.

Here are some spectacular examples:

1. At 100 percent health Lara's health bar is green, saying, Lara is full healthy. At 75 percent it turns to yellow, saying, she is a bit injured. At 50 percent it turns to gold, saying, she is mid-injured. At 25 percent it turns to red, saying, she is heavily injured.

2. When Lara has all the air, then the bar color is light blue. When she just have run out of air, then it is dark blue. While she loses her air, the light blue turns to dark blue by degrees.

3. Pulsing damage bar (also customized with a Damage Script command for a longer time). 45 tick frames of pulsing time for the thick bar, between red and blue, and 15 tick frames of pulsing for the thin bars, between green and yellow.

4. There is a GlobalTrigger, so you cannot have more than 100 Uzi ammos. („If ammo is more than 100 bullets, then turn ammo to 100 bullets”.) You have a custom bar to show Uzi ammos. 100 bullets is for 100 % of the bar. Now the bar is green, saying, you have bullets enough. Below 50 bullets (50 %) it starts blinking between red and black (27 tick frames of blinking time), saying, you run out of bullets soon.

Note: blinking and pulsing time are for between two colors once, not back and forth once.
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