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Seeing as they tied themselves to Atlantis in Anniversary the year before, Thor not being revealed to be Tihocan in Underworld has to be one of the biggest narrative misses in this game.

They set up that empty coffin in Anniversary, and made Atlantis be the 'underlying truth' from Legend that spread a network of swords and dais's all over the globe. It only makes sense to then use those leads in the following game to conclude the story, especially when you make the Queen of Atlantis , Tihocan's sister, be the info-dump on the network of ruins Thor left behind.

Including him would have explained how exactly Natla knew all this stuff beyond 'she's from then so she must know', given her a personal motivation for unleashing the Midgard Serpent after he shut it down, and most importantly made it feel like we were continuing the arc of the previous two games in more than just lip service.

But they decided to only the Norse stuff and introduce three new characters to the lore (Thor, Odin, and Hel is implied) who are all dead and largely irrelevant to the story.
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