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I and some other animators need a plugin that fixes some of Paolone's broken conditions.

The one that comes to my mind are all of the the IN and OUT corner conditions (that checks if Lara, when shimmying, is in a corner).

Raider99 tried testing this issue with me, and apparently these conditions work by default.

HOWEVER, the issue here is that I am making an animation pack where I have both regular shimmying, and the shimmying with her legs on the wall.

With that said, I need to use this script command command that disables the hardcoded 96 frame animation:

It seems that when this is activated, since the engine doesn't force lara to stop, this condition will not check if lara is shimmying at the corner, but only if she's hanging, which means I cannot check whether lara is in a corner and is with her legs either up or down.

So the way to fix it:
1) somehow enable these conditions for state IDs of Lara shimmying instead of only hanging
2) customize further forcing (no) anim96 that way you can choose different frames depending on some condition (when shimmying gets interrupted, it won't force frame 21 but rather something else to your advantage eg. if she has legs on the wall (doesn't have legs on the wall) it will force animation X (Y) instead of frame 21 of anim 96 )

I uploaded a video showing this issue.

Animation with index -2 has condition ENV_HANG_LEFT_OUT_CORNER, it displays YES (condition is true) while she's hanging (idle) at the edge, but displays NO (condition is false) if she's continuously shimmying with CUST_DISABLE_FORCING_ANIM_96 enabled

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