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Basically the same experience as aquaflute !

I loath the reboot at the time of its release. I hated the direction, too much Micheal Bay action, too much cinematic set pieces, not enough puzzles, too linear... On the top of that, I really hated all this effort to forget the past of the franchise, I missed too much things rather that I welcomed the new things.
Also I didn't feel close to Lara. I didn't hate her but felt indifferent about her, as well as the Endurance crew.
While I soften myself, Tomb Raider (2013) still is difficult to like sometimes and still my least favourite game of the franchise. I always said it's a nice and well done game, but a questionable reboot and very not good Tomb Raider.

So 2010 to 2014 was a difficult time for me as a TR fan. All this success, all this hype, all this praise and I didn't feel that at all and wonder if it was time to move on from a franchise I once loved but don't find myself happy anymore.

So when Rise was announced, I was still curious but didn't feel any excitement about it. AND let's not talk about the (happily failed) Xbox exclusivity at August 2014.
Ok fighting bears could be nice and why not a cold setting. I imagined a game even more appart from its roots. I really believed they will remove the challenge tombs for good and make it 100% combat. Why to bother, general public and critic love our game !
Fortunately... I was wrong. Every little bit of interviews that talk about more tombs, manual health, swimming felt like a miracle. It was a direction I liked and the Game Informer issue at February 2015 filled me with hope again.
I ended up enjoying Rise, I appreciate the reboot formula, at last ! The game was better in every points for me. Lot's of things to discover thanks to crypts and bigger tombs, combat was far better sparse and stealth helped a lot to make them more enjoyable. The game was clearly baby steps (wtf the swimming and swinging mechanics) and felt too close to its predecessor, but it was well done this time. Lara was decent and I appreciate the secondary characters.
The 20th anniversary was the cherry on the cake. I love Blood Ties and the "forget everything about TR" era was definitely over (a relieve !).

2016 left me with a new and better appreciation with the Reboot era and I was even looking for the next installment...
2017 was so empty but the tiny leaks were exciting. Lush jungles ? A refined rope system ? A spear system like GOL ? Ok the last thing wasn't on the final game but I really liked this teasing.
Then Eidos Montreal was hint and announced as the main developers this time. What a weird move, I was very curious : this time it would feel different ?
Yes and no. Shadow was surprising and unsurprising at the same time. A true swimming and grappling system, a refined stealth mechanic, bigger tombs. All very welcomed but totally expected. The true surprise was the departure of the dark and gritty environment to something more luminous and colorful. The option to remove the white paints was the most surprising feature.
Shadow was released and it has everything to be the best of the trilogy and pleased me. Better music, better challenges, more exploration, felt of lot more like a Tomb Raider... and ended up just liking it but a little less than Rise.
Why ? Just why ? Why I am not enjoying this game as much as Rise ? All the stars were aligned for me ! It was a big question for the first months. Then I finally find my answers. I guess the formula is getting a bit old, the mechanics remain the same as well as the animation, the restrictive movie like gameplay was still there and I still don't like that. Most importantly I didn't like how hubs were portrayed in Shadow. They were my favourite things of the previous games (with challenged tombs) and it ended up like big spaces with as only target to talk to NPCs. The exploration, the freedom, the lack of platforming on them, it wasn't really the same.
I finished with somehow a bad note, but Shadow was mostly a good game with a really good direction to finish the trilogy.

So... I'm really hopeful for the future. 2019 was... a mess year as (clowns) TR fans. It started good as I liked the seven DLCs but ended with a bitter taste. Nevermind ! The origin is over and we can look forward to an unknown but seemingly better future !
I'm sure the reboot formula will be revamped, Square Enix hinted Shadow wasn't novel enough, even as a sequel to an established formula. Surely the next game will change that. No character growth and inexperiences for Lara Croft anymore, with a certainty Lara will be seasoned and professional, much more closure to previous Lara(s). I very doubt we'll encounter family issues. Now that the "era" isn't really finished I'm looking for FINALLY a game that will put solid new bases but not ignore the past ! I swear if they will ignore the good things Shadow bring to the trilogy, I will not be that kind.

So let's see what the future will bring.
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