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We've had another breakthrough. Remember some vague posts from the 2000's that claimed Larson's first name was Milo? Well, I found Gary Whitta's Tomb Raider Movie Script on a now-defunct TR website.

There is no Milo Larson/Larsen. The character named Milo has a surname of "Trevelyan".

Here's the entire script in a text file, for the curious.

That puts another myth to rest, old though it may be. Still, I can't help but wonder where Conway came from in the first place. Who was Dr. Cheese?


For anyone just joining us, I made an abridged history of Larson/Larsen's name.

The Search for Conway

1. 1995 - Vicky Arnold writes the script for Tomb Raider I. She designates a man from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA as "Larsen". This is his surname.

2. 1996 - Prima release a strategy guide for Tomb Raider I, written by Nick Roberts. While Vicky's spelling of "Larsen" is used for the first encounter with him, curiously it's later spelled "Larson".

3. 1998 - Gary Whitta writes a screenplay of Tomb Raider: The Movie. This is not greenlit and is instead moved to Patrick Massett and John Zinman. A character named Milo Trevelyan features in Gary's screenplay, which he abandons.

4. 1999 - Precedence release the Tomb Raider Collectible Card Game. Larsen is a featured character in this again; his name is spelled Vicky's original way.

5. 2000 - The man from Arkansas returns in Tomb Raider: Chronicles' first flashback set of levels. In an official character render with his biography, his name is spelled "Larson". Prima release a strategy guide for it, written by James Price, and spell his name in the same fashion. (Guide scans eventually posted by Zreen001 so LateRaider could verify for himself)

6. 2001 - The film Lara Croft Tomb Raider is released. A fansite dedicated to it called "" springs up. Gary releases his screenplay publicly to the fansite.

7. July 2003 -'s domain expires, taking Gary Whitta's screenplay with it.

8. October 2003 - Tomb Raider I is ported to N-Gage. The cutscenes are removed and replaced with scrolling text narration. Larsen's name is spelled in Vicky's way.

9. 2003-2007 - Somehow, fandom legend turns Milo Trevelyan's name into Milo Larson. With Gary's script gone, there is no one to refute this.

10. January 2007 - Tomb Raider: Anniversary is announced, slated to be released later this year. On Tomb Raider Forums, a user by the name of Jo269976 authors a topic reporting a statement by a user of IMDb's forums, Dr. Cheese. According to them, the Australian PC PowerPlay Magazine has revealed a list of characters to appear in TR:A, a "Larson Conway" among them. Dr. Cheese promises to return with scans.

11. January to June 2007 - Fan-made wikis and sites quickly add the "Conway" surname to almost any page about Larson, becoming another fandom legend--this time sticking so well that it becomes almost common knowledge.

12. June 2007 - Tomb Raider: Anniversary is released. Prima release a strategy guide for it, written by David Hodgson. No mention is made of another name for Larson in either the game or guide. (Guide scans eventually posted by KillerZ so LateRaider could verify for himself)

13. 2007-2017 - "Conway" continues to be the commonly-accepted surname for Larson, despite there being no official media source.

14. 2017 - IMDb shuts down its forum, taking Dr. Cheese's topic with it, assuming it wasn't already deleted previously.

15. May 2018 - LateRaider replays Tomb Raider: Anniversary and notices that Larson is credited simply as "Larson". Thus begins the search.

16. June 2018 - LateRaider locates PC PowerPlay #135 from February 2007. It does not mention Larson.

17. July 2018 - LateRaider theorizes that Dr. Cheese never existed; however, he later finds a thread on Lara Croft Online that linked directly to the now-nonexistent thread by Dr. Cheese. More plausible is that Dr. Cheese made up the "Conway" surname and never returned with scans.

18. September 2018 - LateRaider emails Roli on Raiding the Globe. They point him toward the Prima strategy guides; thanks to Zreen001 and paul123456, they are checked and verified, but ultimately lead to a dead end. LateRaider also emails Justin on; Justin accepts the request but is unable to deliver.

19. 2019 - Paul Douglas, one of the original developers for Tomb Raider I, is quite openly discussing behind-the-scenes information about the game and its planning. LateRaider asks about Larson's name, and Paul informs him that Vicky always spelled it "Larsen" and it was his surname. LateRaider goes on to ask corporate-employed Tomb Raider community manager Morrigan if she knows anything and does not hear back.

20. 2020 - LateRaider becomes curious about the "Milo Larson" name and finds the site on the Wayback Machine. He discovers the "Milo Trevelyan" character's name. It is another dead end.

Current Status

The name shifted spellings from Larsen from 1995-2000 to Larson from 2000-2003, where there was a short-lived return to form in the N-Gage port. Amidst all this, Milo Trevelyan became "Milo Larson" in the fandom, but this is quickly forgotten as Gary Whitta's script is lost.

He became Larson again starting in 2007, where Dr. Cheese used the TR: Chronicles supplementary materials' spelling, and designated a surname. Due to a number of factors (Sheer luck, wishful thinking, etc.), this spreads like wildfire throughout the fandom at large and it more or less becomes widely-accepted canon. The name is spelled as "Larson" in TR: Anniversary (With no sign of the Conway surname) and never appears in the series from there on.

I decide to investigate and debunk several myths ("Conway" is not official and did not come from PC PowerPlay; it was originally spelled "Larsen"; there is no "Milo Larson"). There is still no lead on "Conway".
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