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Default Play as Joker

Hello everyone, happy 2020 !

I hope you had some great holidays and that the new year has been good for you so far!

So first mod of the we go!

This one comes a little late, since the hype for the movie is now over, but I still wanted to make a joker inspired outfit since I also got a request for a clown lara a lot of months ago.

It's not perfect I know, and the jacket is non existent, since my 3d modeling skills are very basic, but I'm happy with the result overall :P

So yeah guys, this is how we start this year...

I don't really know how many mods I will release in 2020, but I will try to do my best to mixup outfits from games/movies/etc to original ones, and also the famous "crazy wtf mods" hehehe.

Also if you have any cool ideas, don't be shy to post them here! I take note of all the ideas you guys give to me!

Thank you very much for the support guys after almost 2 years, keep having fun and I will see you next time!

This mod works in tr1/ub/gym with no visual glitches

Download - Joker
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