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Originally Posted by SpaceChild View Post
Add me to the petition. I'm frankly disgusted with the way the Lara Croft character has been "uglied-down" - presumably out of membership in and/or fear of the "PC" cult, who are oddly reminiscent of the "Moral Majority" of the 1980s.

In physical appearance and personality alike, the Lara Croft of the "reboot" era - 2013 to the present - is a bland, generic stand-in with a completely different face and both a personality and general appearance that's self-consciously - and exaggeratedly - masculine. This comes from the weird political cult that's arisen in the last decade or so which believes that for a woman to possess inner strength, conviction, courage and toughness, she has to jettison every trace of femininity as a matter of course. Conversely, they apparently believe that any woman who shows femininity, beauty, and especially *gasp* sex appeal, must surely be weak, absurd, and almost certainly Offensive to The Cause. These gender-tribalist politicos cannot conceive of a woman who is both strong and intensely beautiful. Which is a good definition of the original Lara Croft concept.

I suppose it would be useless to refer these people to characters like Thandie Newton's Nyah Hall in "MI:II," Aya Ueto's title role in "Azumi" and Izumi in "Zettai Reido," Kate Beckinsale's Selene of "Underworld" I and II, Keiko Kitagawa's Rena in "Tantei no Tantei" and Ayami in "Akumu chan," Michelle Yeoh in... well everything she's been in from Supercop onward, and of course Angelina Jolie in pretty much everything she's been in. You get the picture. Lara Croft in her original conception belonged in this camp, not the Ripley / Conner / Janeway / Everdeen camp.

So basically the present-day LC is being held hostage to a fringe political clique that cares more about its moronic ideology than anything so silly as coherence with an original character concept throughout a game franchise run.

Again, the post-2013 "Lara Croft" character would not even be recognizable as Lara Croft if it weren't for the trappings of ancient tombs and artifacts. To repeat something I said back when the 2013 "reboot" happened: given the superfluous (and annoying) bow and arrow, the present "Lara Croft" looks more like a re-tread Katniss Everdeen than anything remotely similar to the iconic Lara Croft. But even Jennifer Lawrence's always-on angry scowl has more expression to it than the blank, bland face of this "new" Lara Croft.

Weirdly, Tomb Raider: Underworld has gotten a bunch of heavy disrespect here and elsewhere, but from where I sit Underworld was the last true Tomb Raider title released, and one of the best. Maybe the best. Definitely so in terms of character design.

So dear Eidos, or Crystal Dynamics, or whoever's in charge of this mess, my advice would be to go back and have a look at Tomb Raider Underworld's LC design, and shoot for that. And have some respect for the people who made this whole game franchise successful - most of all respect for the reasons they made it successful:

- An appealing character who is not only kick-arse tough and heroic but also unabashedly feminine and sexy,
- Simple but agile controls,
- Weapons that take care of themselves once they're selected (i.e., you don't have to go Full Caveman and build your weapons out of sticks and stones while dying of boredom in the process,)
- Solitary, almost meditative surroundings,
- Primarily non-human adversaries, rather than more tired FPS warfare against other people.

I'm posting this textwall with the realization I'm basically spitting into the wind, and that it will probably take a couple of decades before a more enlightened, relaxed and most of all apolitical group of people assumes control of the Tomb Raider franchise.

Because the people running it right now have turned it into something not-Tomb-Raider. It's got the TR name but very little else. So I suppose patience and the Tomb Raider back catalog are the only options for the near term.

[And just don't get me started on the inability to buy this on CD-ROM hardcopy for PC. I don't buy stuff I can't pick up and hold in my hands.]

Can we take a shot everytime someone gets salty at politics in TR? Cuz omg Lara nowadays is so political, maybe in the next game she has a Jewish, comunist anti fascist brand and, who knows? Maybe we see in her PDA tweets against Brexit.

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