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Default Play as Toilenator

Hello guys how are you all doing?

I know you guys love the crazy mods, so today I have one for you!

I was a bit unsure about posting this one since it may be a bit too silly, but I haven't posted in a while so here goes :P

I was thinking and doing some experiments and I ended up going for a "Terminator/robot" vibe mod, but a regular terminator would be too what do you do? You mix it up with a toilet of course!

Introducing the Toilenator or Mechatoilet whatever you prefer hehe

Defeat Natla and his friends and turn the world into a clean, shiny place!
With your Supersized arms, your sanitized legs and a death ray in your head, there is no way to fail your quest for the scion!

This mod works for all tr/ub/gym levels with no visual glitches

I hope you all are having a fantastic year so far! Take care, have fun and I will see you next time!

Download - Toilenator
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