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Default Play as Cow Lara

Hello once again guys, how are you all doing?

I hope you are all doing great and staying safe in these weird times!

Anyway, the mod that I bring you this time is a little bit late...

I wanted to release it during/around the carnival, but I only got the chance to get it done by now, so better late than never I guess :P

So here it is...

Before the corona virus outbreak, lara was rumored to be celebrating Carnival in a Top Secret V.I.P party in a luxurious mansion in Romania. Turns out I have evidence of what really happened and i'm gonna show it with you guys.

Lara was never in romania, she was in her mansion the whole time...But she had the best costume imaginable... Winston spent 5 months tailoring this outfit for Lara, made with the rarest and most valuable materials in the universe. From the M.O.O Silk only found in Sweden to the titanium udders from Jupiter, Lara is ready to show everyone why she is the Tomoo Raider

This mod works in all tr1/ub/gym with no visual glitches

I hope you all have a great time! Have fun, cya!

Download - Cow Lara
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