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Today I've noticed another inconsistency: young Lara in Nepal cannot see the person in the portal, but Amanda in Bolivia can (you can see Lara's mother in the portal from her perspective), although both young Lara and Amanda see the portal from a similar distance.

Originally Posted by TR1249 View Post
As far as I understood, there are several swords.
I've looked for more information about the sword and the stone daises after posting this thread, because I was curious if this was found before or if there is some explanation to it and I've found information that there might have been more swords (for instance, in thread So where would the other Stone Dias/sword frags sites have been found?). Even if this was the case, when you analyze it deeper, it seems for me like it is not totally consistent (an example: purpose of breaking the sword). It looks like there are several old threads about this on the forum with the analysis and doubts regarding some aspects of the concept of the swords and the daises, but I've only just flicked through them for now.
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