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Originally Posted by ian2006 View Post
How do I install TR2main? i copied and pasted the files into my steam folder but keep getting a black screen
There isn't an installation process as such. What have you done so far?


Originally Posted by Arsunt View Post
Download the latest developer's build from this link.

First of all there is ExtraOptions folder. It contains REG files, that change some TR2Main settings in the registry. All files are safe, you can check them using notepad. Just double click any REG file to set an option. In the future releases there will be redesigned setup dialog with all these settings. For now there are just REG files.
Upd: here are all ExtraOptions descriptions.

If you use Steam or GOG, first cut all DLL files from the game folder and put them somewhere far away from the game. They may conflict with TR2Main somehow.

Copy some files from the TR2Main package into your game folder:
  • TR2Main.dll is the main file that makes all the magic.
  • tomb2.exe is almost original exe from 1997 with few changes to give all the power to TR2Main.dll. Never patch this EXE with 3rd party patches, you don't need them, everything that you may want, is already out of the box, including FOV, widescreen, even 4K support. Soon it will get external textures feature.
  • ffplay.dll is brand new FMV player based on ffmpeg project. It supports RPL, MP4, BIK and many other videoformats.
  • TR2Main.json is text configuration file that already allows to set custom watercolors, loading screen pictures, barefoot levels. All things are set to PS1 values, but anyone can edit it (by Notepad++ for example). This file will get even more cool features in the future.

Copy files from patch data folder to your TR2 game data folder:
  • barefoot.sfx is barefoot steps SFX pack. There are just 4 sound effects inside the pack, I took them from PS1 version, and remastered a little bit (high frequency range is restored). You must enable barefoot SFX by REG file if you want them.

Copy whole pix folder to your TR2 game folder. Its contents:
  • Full set of PCX pictures for the original game and The Golden Mask including US/UK logo. You can select the logo version by proper REG file. No need to rename or delete picture files.
  • Remastered loading screen pictures in PNG format. You must enable remastered pictures and/or loading screens by REG files if you want these features.

If you want to copy your old saves into TR2Main, create a saves subfolder in your TR2 game folder. Copy savegame.* files that you need to this folder. Making a save in-game will create this folder automatically.

For TR2 Gold: You can download the TR2 Gold expansion files from this link, then follow these instructions:

Copy some files from the Golden Mask data folder to your TR2 game data folder:
  • LEVEL1.TR2 - LEVEL5.TR2, but don't copy ASSAULT.TR2 and TITLE.TR2. The original game files will be used instead.
  • TOMBPC.DAT must be renamed to TOMBPCg.DAT before copying. The original game will still use its TOMBPC.DAT.
  • MAIN.SFX must be renamed to MAINg.SFX before copying. The original game will still use its MAIN.SFX.
  • You don't need to copy any PCX files, because PCX in data don't matter for TR2Main if pix folder is presented.

savesGold subfolder required for placement of existing savegames. The game will create one if you make a save in-game.
  • To launch normal game just run tomb2.exe
  • To launch setup dialog run tomb2.exe with -setup option. You may want to create a shortcut for that.
  • To launch The Golden Mask run tomb2.exe with -gold option. You may want to create a shortcut for that.

Setup advice: Disable Triple Buffer and keep Z-Buffer enabled if you want good performance.
You can use F7 for Z-Buffer and Shift+F7 for Tripple Buffer to see the difference right in the game.
Here are all TR2 keyboard hotkeys.

For anyone who didn't follow my project, here is changelog (you can see there many cool changes).

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