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Congrats on the grand opening.

Since I'm a beginner, I've got little to add here yet, but still.

Speaking of scale

When I was searching through posts here trying to find something about "Blender to TRLE tutorials" I've bumped into this tutorial. It focuses on importing UV mapped models into classic wads, but I think it may be useful for TE either (I haven't tested it yet, unfortunately). It also contained a tip for how to set up the grid in Blender to match TRLE block (idk if it's well-known ).

So, the settings are:


I use .obj format to export models, so the import settings in WadTool should be these:

Now I'm using this method to import models and it works like a charm.
There may be an easier way, however. If someone knows one, I'd be happy to learn more.
I guess, it's the most convenient way when you create a model from scratch, since you don't have to mess with distance view and huge meshes.
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