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Originally Posted by rewak View Post
You can get audio on The Lost Valley and St Francis Folly by doing this;

Go to Artbase/tombraider/sources/locations and make a backup of level3a_lost_valley and level4_st_francis_folly

Extract level3a_lost_valley and level4_st_francis_folly from the Levels Jan 2006 ZIP to Artbase/tombraider/sources/locations (go into each folder as it's level3a_lost_valley/level3a_lost_valley in the zip file, you only want the second level3a_lost_valley)

COPY the original level3a_lost_valley and level4_st_francis_folly folder back to Artbase/tombraider/sources/locations and overwrite all the files

Just running the folder from the Jan 2006 archive doesn't work, but if you overwrite the files with the original ones it'll work with audio!
Just tried that with the Lost Valley and it works. Wonder why these files were not included in the Artbase if they provide sound and stuff?

EDIT: From what I can see, you don't even need to bother with all of that. I just copy pasted the "" file to C:\Artbase\tombraider\sources\locations\level4_st_ francis_folly\
and now there's sound (outside of the "all" directory which is there by default).
Same thing with Lost Valley, just got the "" from Jan 2006 archive and it was enough.

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