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Default Troubleshooting, Tips & Tricks

  1. When trying to start the game, I get a message about a missing MSVCR71.dll file.
    Copy the MSVCR71.dll from C:\Artbase\tombraider\converters\audioexporter\ to your C:\Artbase folder and try again. (Thanks Yuki Senoue).

  2. Those message boxes are driving me crazy!
    Click "Cancel" instead of "OK" to prevent further error messages.

  3. The game runs sluggish / without textures.
    If you do have an Intel integrated GPU, the game may not run well. If you have a dedicated graphics card installed, you can try forcing the game to run on the dedicated card instead of the integrated one. I'll update this post with a guide once I find it in the original thread.

  4. My game crashes at certain points. What can I do?
    Many features of the game are not fully implemented and will crash the game.

    Here's a list of known workarounds:
    1. Do not pick up any medkits.
    2. There's also a guide from Niveus on how to move certain triggers to prevent crashes here:

  5. When I start the game I get a few lines of "STRING NOT FOUND" instead of the menu text. What can I do?
    Make sure you followed the install guide correctly. If you did, add the -USA -english options to your run.bat to force the game into USA/English mode.

Tips & Tricks

Creating uncompressed screenshots
Create a folder called screenshots within the C:\Artbase\tombraider folder before starting the game. When you now press the Print Screen button on your keyboard, a screenshot will be saved in that folder. Be aware, that each time you start the game, the screenshot counter resets. You will overwrite previous screenshots after restarting if you don't move them out.
Thanks to rewak for this.

Recording / Replaying Input
If you start the game with the -rec option (add it in run.bat), the game will save the input sequence to a file called C:\Artbase\tombraider\record.lara. Run the game with the -play option to replay the inputs automatically.

Increasing FOV (field of view)
Originally Posted by UroshUchiha View Post
If you add the -simulatepsp to run.bat the games field of view will increase. Or rather the camera will go further back.
The same thing can be done in game when you bring down the console with ` and type SP.

Configuring Anti-Aliasing and Texture Filtering
The game itself does not seem to have options for this, but you can use Nvidia Profile Explorer (for Nvidia Cards) or Catalyst Control Center to override application settings, to get a more high-quality rendering.

Accessing unreachable areas
There are some triggers that crash and / or areas that are blocked by doors. In order to gain access, you have several options:
  1. Use DOZY or Free Camera Mode (see "Controls" above)
  2. Manipulate Triggers to bypass broken areas / triggers (see Niveus' post).
  3. Use CheatEngine software to modify Lara's coordinates. Gh0stBlade uploaded a CheatTable to (TRAE.CT) that can be loaded into the software to manipulate Lara's current coordinates.
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