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Originally Posted by -Roli- View Post
How to enable and leave the Fly (DOZY) mode with a PS3 (DS3) controller?

Thank you!
DOZY is: Walk button + turn/roll button + jump button + action button
Deactivating DOZY is: walk button + turn/roll button + draw weapon (torch) button

Free camera is: walk button + turn/roll button + inventory button
In free camera mode you can teleport Lara to the camera with one of the buttons that have no function otherwise (for me it's one of the shoulder buttons). You can toggle through different camera modes by pressing the initial combo several times and you can instantly go back to the regular camera by pressing the action button.

Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post
This thread is sprawling with knowledge, unfortunately distributed over several dozens of pages. What would be the best way to have all the knowledge (setup, controls, etc.) in one place for people to start?

Should we start a new thread for this? Can we maybe edit the OP to include these things?

What do you folks think?
Yes, a dedicated thread with all the important information in the first post would be great.

TBH it's a bit frustrating when everyone just posts the button symbols when describing how to do the debug things. IMO it's better to refer to the buttons as the actions that are usually performed when pressing them (e.g. jump button, action button etc.). I'm playing TRAE with my Logitech Rumblepad 2 as I don't own a PS4 or PS5 controller and I figured out that I can't control the camera at all when using my Nintendo Switch Pro controller and I can only turn the camera left and right when using an Xbox One controller. That being said, if I would explain the debug actions by referring to what symbols are on the buttons that I have to press, I would write "7+8+4+3" and no one would know what to press.

It's interesting that Lara turns around when pressing the "turn/roll button" when she doesn't have the torch drawn, which is kinda like when you move the analogue stick in the opposite direction in AoD, but she does the classic rolling animation when she has the torch drawn. My guess is that that's on purpose so that combat is a bit more like in TR I-V while running around regularly is more like in AoD. That would also make turning around on small platforms much easier. I wonder if in the final game Lara would be able to perform the classic back hopping when aiming at an enemy. It would be hard to back up from an enemy otherwise because she just turns around when I move the analogue stick towards the camera.
Is joke! Or is?

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