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Originally Posted by Brutallman View Post
Hello friends!
How can i update the gale to new 0.6.5 version if I cant find it un Google play store? My region is not supported, but i wanna play the game very much!😭
Originally Posted by saqueadordt View Post
Same here, Panda VPN doesn't work for me 😭

Hi, all
The method as previously posted by UroshUchiha is:
Download Panda VPN from the Play Store.
Start and connect to a server in Thailand after watching an ad.
Clear Google Play Store data.
Start the Play Store, the app should be there.

This did not work in my case, probably a device limitation.
I had to use the Aurora store (open source Google Store client - not another App store but a way to access the Play store with an open source app) which can bypass such limitations.

The app was available there and I was able to update it.
Use Aurora Store with the generic Google account option, no need to enter your own account, plus you shouldn't as it may get blocked.

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