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How to Emulate Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition (PSP) in PPSSPP with Keyboard/Mouse Controls

1. Download PPSSPP for Windows and unzip the archive.

2. Important: You want to open the PPSSPPWindows.exe app; PPSSPPWindows64.exe will cause issues specifically with TR:AE.

3. Open the emulator and go to Game settings > More settings...

4. (NOTE: Skip down to step 9 if you aren't using keyboard/mouse.) Select Controls, then scroll all the way down to Mouse settings. Click the empty box beneath Use mouse control. After that, Trap mouse within window/display area will no longer be grayed out; check its box as well.

5. Click Mouse sensitivity. You want to increase it to 1.000 to make mapping your mouse easier.

6. Next go to Game settings > Control mapping...

7. Specifically next to Dpad Up, click the M button. This will let you set mouse controls for the D-Pad, which is how you move the camera in TR:AE.

8. When this pops up, move the mouse in the corresponding direction of the D-Pad. Do this for the rest of the D-Pad directions as well.

9. Next, set the key bindings according to TR:AE's controls by clicking the + next to any other button.

This is the layout I recommend based on other PC games I've seen:
Scroll Menus	D-Pad, Analog Stick		Mouse, WASD
Move Camera	D-Pad				Mouse

Run		(Full Push) Analog Stick	WASD
Walk		(Half Push) Analog Stick	---

Action		X				Left Click

Ledge Drop	O				E
Cancel		O				E

Jump		□				Space

Draw Weapons	△				Right Click

Manual Walk	L				Left Shift

Quick Turn	R				Q

Inventory	Select				Tab

Pause		Start				~
- Setting the mouse clicks will require you to click the M rather than the +.
- Setting Ctrl as a control binding is discouraged, as Ctrl+Q closes your current game in PPSSPP, which can happen quite easily on accident.
- Setting Esc as a control binding is impossible, as this key returns you to PPSSPP's dashboard.
- Those of you just using a controller can simply plug it in and set it up as you see fit, and skip step 10. This tutorial is aimed at people who specifically do not use controllers and want to play TR:10AE with a keyboard and mouse.

10. After this, go back to Game settings > More settings ... > Controls > Mouse settings. Set Mouse sensitivity to 0.020. This is the sensitivity that best replicates the PSP's D-Pad, and is easiest to control.

There you have it! To load the ISO itself, just select "Load" from the main menu as shown in part 3's screenshot. Get the ISO here:
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