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Default Play as Monokuma (Danganronpa)

Hello again, how is everyone doing?

Today I bring you something that I kinda made for myself to try some new things regarding modding, and while I know this character will be unknown to a lot of you, I still decided to share it with you.

This is Monokuma, a popular character from the Danganronpa series.

Danganronpa is one of my favorite video game/visual novel series (3 main and 1 spin off)

The game plays out kinda like the Ace Attorney series, but the setting is way more dark.

The story in short: "16 ultimate students (ultimate swimmer, ultimate idol, ultimate fighter etc) get trapped in a school, and the only way to escape is to commit murder without being caught. After a murder occurs there will be a trial to determine who the culprit is. At the end of the trial, every student most vote on who they think the killer is. If they get it right, the murderer will be excecuted and the killing game continues, but if they pick the wrong person, everyone dies except the killer, which gets to escape.

If you like murder mysteries full of twists, using detective and logic skills to solve murders, unexpected events and funny moments you should give this game a try.

If you are interested I have 3 recommendations for you:

1. Don't search images or google too much about this game, as it is very easy to find spoilers.

2. Don't watch the anime as it is considered very poor compared to the game.

3. The first game starts a bit slow and tedious, but it quickly speeds up after the first hours.

I know this feels like a paid ad for the game, but it is not in any way, it's just that while the game is very popular, it is still very unknown at the same time, so I just wanted to introduce it the best I could.

The mod works in all tr1/ub/gym

Stay tuned guys, next time I will try to bring one of those crazy mods :P

Download - Play as Monokuma
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