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Talking More Chi Archives!!

Hey everyone! I've got some of Chi's Playable Mods and Music uploaded to the Internet Archive!!
This is going to be a long post, so please try and bear with me!!

EDIT - Mods & Songs are now also available for download on The Great Chi's permanent archive setup by tlr online. Download HERE!

First, we have the Music archive, which you can access by clicking on this link:
Description I have added -
This is a collection of songs from legendary Tomb Raider modder The Great Chi that were used in some of his modding videos that he published on YouTube. The songs are separated into two folders, one is original songs Chi created, and the other folder contains songs that Chi did not create (most of the songs he used were relatively obscure and not well known. He did this to try and avoid YouTube's Content ID system, but it always seemed to be hit or miss.)

Please note that this is NOT a definitive collection of every single song used or created by Chi (In fact, this collection is missing a good majority of them!) These are only ones that I managed to have in my collection!
Songs Included In This Archive!
Songs Created by Chi -
  • kelluva saari.wav - Used in Chi's first Kelluva Saari video!
  • living like a zombie.wav - Used in Chi's HALLOWEEN CHRONICLES video!
  • Swim like a dolphin.WAV - Used in multiple videos by Chi. If memory serves me, I believe the first video the song was used in was the Mine Cart video he did in around 2014, as a remake to the very first video on his channel, as the song in the original got a copyright claim...
  • thegreatchi.wav - If memory serves me, I don't believe this song was ever used in a video. I believe I extracted it from one of the playable mods...
  • Sheep music (Folder) - All of the music in that folder was from Chi's SHEEP IN THE CITY video Chi did 2-3 years back...
Songs Used by Chi (Not Created by Chi) -
  • 07 The Prisoner.wma - Used in THE MANSION PRISONER video! One of Chi's earlier vids...
  • 1990 Power Themes 90 Track 10 Danger Man (Drake mix).wma - Used in the original upload of THE PSYCHEDELIC GARDENS OF TR1 video! (Chi re-uploaded this video in 2020 with different music, and shortened a bit...)
  • Something Lurking In The Dark.mp3 - Used in a couple of the Bacon Lara videos!
  • Xmas H Music (Folder) - Used in Chi's 2015 Xmas video, Hero In Search of the Tree Fairy!!

Next, we have the Playable Mods archive, which you can access by clicking on this link:
Description I have added -
This is a collection of mods from legendary Tomb Raider modder The Great Chi that were used in some of his modding videos that he published on YouTube. Many of these were obtained from the original videos, were Chi would offer download links to some of his mods so the fans could play them!

Please note that this is NOT a definitive collection of every single mod created by Chi! These are only ones that I managed to have in my collection! (I believe you can find more on some of Chi's threads on Tomb Raider Forums!!)
Playable Mods Included in this Archive!
  • Attack of the kitties (TR4) - I remember this vaguely. It was a short video Chi did in late 2012 as a New Years' 2013 thing. I forget the exact premise behind the video, but I remember asking him for the mod download, and he graciously did provide one!!
  • Cable car (TR3) - I believe this was from one of the Kelluva Saari videos, if I remember correctly... This one is from 2015. This one is temperamental, and may take you a few tries to get running... Make sure you read Chi's ReadMe file!
  • Chi's Vegas Cut (TR2) - I remember Chi did a video at one point (all the game's files say 2015, so we're sticking with that... ) where he heavily modified the Nightmare In Vegas level, which was the bonus level in the Tomb Raider 2: Golden Mask PC-exclusive expansion! I remember very little about the video, as I only watched it one or two times...
  • Greatest shortcut (TR4) - The video for this mod (of the same name) was released in 2012, but the mod wasn't released until 2014. He modified an existing TRLE level to create this!! I don't remember why he decided to upload it (it may have been me asking him to, I don't remember...) He may have used this mod in another video too, I can't remember... but there's something gnawing at me that's saying he did at some point...
  • Island (TR2) - Once I launched the level, I had vague memories of it, but I couldn't tell you what video this was associated with... The ReadMe & Savegame files have a 2013 date, so there's that...
  • Island demo (TR4) - If memory serves, I believe this was the mod for the first Kelluva Saari video! The ReadMe & Save-Files have a 2015 date. A couple of the save-game files wouldn't load for me though, so you may not be able to gain access to the whole map without using some modding tool to change the start position of Lara...
  • Mine Cart (TR3) - This mod is from 2014, and was a recreation of the first video Chi ever uploaded to YouTube!! I remember him telling me he recreated it because the song he used in the original video had received a copyright claim, so he removed the video (he didn't like it when his videos had ads in it, so if they received a copyright claim, he just removed them) and decided to recreate the video since it had been up on YouTube for 6 years at that point...
  • Outside The Cage (TR2) - Another mod for which I do not remember what video it was associated with. Again, it's a mod I remember vaguely, but that's about it. No ReadMe file, but the level-file & my save-game file have a December 2012 date, so there's that...
  • Red Ghost (TR4) - Some long-time fans probably remember this video!! This was a relatively popular one!! I don't remember much of the premise behind it, other than it was an AOD inspired video, with a pretty funny backing audio track. The mod is pretty cool though!! The ReadMe and Data files have a 2012 date.
  • Sophia Attack (TR3) - I remember this one very well!! (Partly because I actually created a Kyle's Tomb Raider episode on it, which you can watch HERE if interested!) This mod was created in 2014, where Chi did some interesting modifications to the level where Lara fights Sophia Lee.
  • THE CAVES OF DOOM (TR2) - This is yet again another level that I am unsure what video it was associated with... It's another one I also did remember vaguely when launching it, but that's about it! The ReadMe has a 2013 date...
  • Times - Access to Cutscene (TR4) - This gives you access to the Tomb Raider: Times Exclusive beginning cutscene where you can wander around in, granted it has been heavily modified by Chi. I do remember Chi using this in a video, but I don't remember the premise behind the video. The data files have a 2016 date.
  • TRC Spooky Churchyard (TR5) - This level is associated with THE HALLOWEEN CHRONICLES video from 2014! It was a fun Halloween video featuring some XNALara scenes. This modified the churchyard from the title screen and made it a bit more "spooky." A fun little thing to wander around in!!
  • Von Croy (TR4) - This is once again another mod for which I have no idea what video is associated with it. On the surface, it just looks like Lara was replaced with Werner Von Croy, but I'm assuming there's more to it than that if you play it for a bit (I just launched it to make sure it still worked.) The data files have a 2015 date.

Phew... that took a while!! Hope you all enjoy!!

EDIT - I noticed that the text is so squashed together that it's pretty hard to read. I was using the[LIST] BB Code, and unfortunately, you can't create spaces in-between text when using that. I decided to alternate bolding and not bolding the text, so hopefully that makes it a bit easier to read!!
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