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Originally Posted by CircusBabysGal View Post
Do you have download links to them? I know a tool that lets you convert .sfw to .exe which is how I permanently managed to preserve my favorite flashgames from the past, I'd love to play these as I thought only the Tomb Raider 2003 Flash existed! :O
Here's the link:

In that archive you will find:
- Lara's Land Rover Challenge
- Load it Like Lara
- Tomb Raider (Flash)
- Tomb Raider Escape The Tomb
- Trail Raider
- Curse of Osiris (fan game)
- Tomb Raider Onslaught (fan game)
- Dress up Lara Croft (fan game)
- CatchYourTravel/Lara Caza Aventura (Spanish fan-made game that I found no info anywhere so I can't submit it to Flashpoint without additional data)
- Solitaire (Doesn't work on Windows 10 for me, will try later on a virtual machine)
- The Lost Realms (fan project)

If anyone has more obscure things feel free to send me a private message or contact me on Discord Urosh Uchiha#0242

@Laralicious I checked out your web page. Some very peculiar things. I knew of some, but definitely not all.
Like you said the Timex website is still present in the web archives but that .swf file is nowhere to be found. A shame that no one backed it up.
Same thing with that Defender mini-game, the page is there but no one got the .swf file.
As for Lara Croft: Reflections I backed up two versions of the .ipa for that game while they were still floating around. But those things will just collect dust until we hopefully get an iOS emulator one day or something of the sort.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Path of the Stars Mini Flash Game. I think this was not a Flash game, it's HTML5 like Tomb Raider - Escape The Tomb. Regardless, I couldn't find it anywhere during my search (which is so odd cause it's not that old). And while it was a thing, I didn't have access to it from my country.

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