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Originally Posted by steven35175 View Post
That's good news. I don't know if that can fix the crash happened on me in the pushable puzzles area. I gonna try it out today
I found the cause for this stupid crash and fixed it. You can find Update #2 of my Level here (and in a few hours on

Once again, the gameplay, geometry, puzzles etc. remain untouched of course.

What's fixed with Update #2 (2021-04-16):

- Crash fixed: If you used the scale with only one bag, the game crashed later. (Levelfile)
- The two wall spear traps at the beginning of the large underwater area can now be permanently disabled by pressing a chain. (Levelfile)
- Removed collision on some underwater doors after they are opened, as TR5 collision does not work here. (Levelfile)
- Climbing vines and stones better illuminated. (Levelfile)
- Some objects better illuminated. (Levelfile)
- Bars in the last room now easier to grab. (Script)
If you have already started the old version, you can't overwrite the level file, but you can use the updated script file (but save the original script.dat first in case of problems!).

Happy Raiding!
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