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Originally Posted by UroshUchiha View Post
Once again, thank you so much for your work here. This is an essential mod for this game in my opinion and should be included here if someone from the forums contributes to PCGamingWiki

If I get the time to look into it and see how the process goes I'll try to do it myself cause everyone playing TRL should use this.
You're very welcome and it was my pleasure to do this. Thank you for suggesting that this mod is worthy of pcgamingwiki


BTW this mod have been updated with an improvement to the Rutland profile fix. As a demonstration I've coloured the rectangle part of the texture (top left) which affects the pc screen, in green. You can see in the screenshot below that the desk legs and hanging lights are also affected. This is how the Rutland fix previously worked, but with transparency.

The new fix goes further and nails down the exact pixels within the rectangle area of the texture which affects the pc screen, and again coloured green as a demonstration. There are still tiny parts of the desk legs and hanging lights affected by this. See in the second screenshot.

I think this is an acceptable trade-off because Rutland's profile picture is an important plot point. Download links have been updated to Version 1.1.


[Edit] Just to summarize the changes above. Basically the pc screen, hanging lighting and desk legs use the same part of the texture which is the black rectangle. This part needs to be changed to a blank alpha image so that Rutland's profile is visible during the cutscene. But this also makes the desk legs and hanging lights become transparent. I've identified the small area within the black rectangle which almost exclusively affects the pc screen, and hence the other objects are largely unaffected now.

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