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Default Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness Restoration Project

Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness is often called "TR's most broken adventure," and for good reason. Overall, it's left many players simply writing the game off. The primary objective of TR:AoD Restoration Project is to reconstruct the game as close to its intended vision as possible.

If you have a question or report, please review the FAQ before posting.





Restoration Modpack - 1.1.2
Alternate - 1.1
Original - 1.1
Transitional Update (INSTALL ON TOP OF 1.1!) - 1.1.2
Restoration Project EXE - 1.1

Using concepts inspired by both Core Design devs and lead writer Murti Schofield, Restoration tweaks and refines movement and combat, plus extras to enhance user experience. The story, too, saw revision: fleshing out the notebook, subtly altering levels, and adding unused voice lines to help players piece together the story in a natural way. The end result closely follows the direction and themes of the game as released - just polished.

This includes, but is not limited to:
- Refined story elements and existing content, and corrected plot holes.
- Pickup balancing, particularly for health items. Provided greater reward for exploration.
- Utilization of cut content: can organically collect and use the iconic dual pistols, re-enabled enemies, restored voice lines, and more.
- Greater emphasis on environmental storytelling. Includes notebook tweaks, gameplay elements, etc.
- Various level enhancements: visual and gameplay fixes, revised interactivity, and subtle level alterations as needed to suit the project's scope.

For the full suite of changes, please read this document:
1.2.0 Changelog


AoD Patcher - 1.7.0

TRAOD_P4.EXE Patcher - 1.7.0

Applies a selection of fixes and refinements to TRAOD_P4.EXE. Can be used on the EXE standalone for any AoD experience. Below is the full list of features that you're able to apply.

EVERY CHANGE LISTED IS OPTIONAL. You can apply one, multiple, all, or none of these selections. The ones marked with an asterisk* are highly recommended to get the intended Restoration Project experience, but still not required. The level changes in the modpack will be made with these features in mind.

(Click the "Spoiler" text below to show the options for each category.)

- Reduce number of V-Packer shotgun shells per pickup.*
- Reduce number of K2 Impactor stun gun batteries per pickup.*
- Reduce enemy stagger when shooting them.
- Option for increasing the amount of Dual Vector ammo per clip to 24 from 18.

- Enable guns staying out while sprinting.
- Enable guns staying out while wading through waist-high water.
- Enable use of guns during stealth.
- Enable shooting in midair and when rolling.
- Fix Lara's torso while aiming with dual pistols.
- Remove combat camera delays. Auto-aim will now move to next target instantly.
- Improved left/right strafing during combat (Closer to PS2 version).
- Option for enabling weapons while hugging walls

Main Menu
- Option to adjust menu background elements for widescreen.
- Option so that title logo stays after dismissing "Press Any Key" text.
- Option to remove game build text on title menu, in bottom left.
- Option so that "Press Any Key" text uses the AoD notebook font.
- Fix title menu crash when opening certain number of submenus in quick succession.

- Fix for walking speed while hugging walls (Lara/Kurtis now move at full speed).
- Option to replace walking backward with the gallop used in combat. Please note that walking backward is still possible by holding the Walk key while pressing Down.
- Option to disable the initial "walk" that Lara/Kurtis do before running.
- Option to disable dedicated stair animations. Allows moves to be used on stairs that are normally not possible, such as stealth moves.
- Enable consecutive jumping.
- Enable running after all forward jumps.
- Improve Lara's initial position when jumping into water. Instead of facing the surface, it's now closer to the first five games.
- Fix for "swerving" while using the small hop. Now the hop works as intended, moving in the direction you're currently facing.
- Option to increase running speed (Lara/Kurtis now run at full speed).

- Option to remove conversation start fade and delay.
- Option to remove cutscene start fade and delay.
- Enable skipping conversations between Lara/Kurtis and NPCs. Changes Voice Line Skip command from Action key to Look.*
- Enable having more than one of the same weapon in the inventory. Used for acquiring dual pistols with this mod.*
- Fix crash when near the lasers during Strahov Fortress.
- Option for allowing quick loading at any time.
- Option for removing fade-in and delay during in-level loading while opening doors.
- Option for removing fade-in delay during in-level loading while on foot.
- Option for enabling the "proto-vision" effect
- Option for enabling shapeshift/morph effects (low or medium option is recommended)


Known Issues

None, at the present. Please report immediately if you encounter any.



Thanks to everyone involved with helping make this project what it is today.

- TRJTA: Making all of the new textures included in this mod, and for suggestions/feedback.
- Dark Legend and PlagueDoctor: For providing the modified CHR files used in the mod.
- LateRaider and Jathom95: For further suggestions and testing, helping with the mod description and layout, and the project logo.
- sasho648 and nakamichi680: A big thank you to both for creating amazing AOD modding tools!

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