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If you have questions about the mod or are stuck, please read below before posting. It is highly likely your question is answered here.


General FAQ

1. How extensive are the changes in this project?

Very, though none of it should feel "mod-added." In keeping with the project's core principles, additions were rigorously considered and tested to ensure cohesiveness with the original game. Check the overview above to get an idea about some of the main differences.

2. What's the difference between the "Lite" and "Full" versions of the EXE?

Simply put, Lite contains less radical changes to the game engine. Only the most basic changes are bundled here. Full contains a more comprehensive suite of alterations. If it's your first time playing with the mod, we highly recommend that you try out the Full version, as many of the changes contained in it are based around the design principles of the core project.

3. DINPUT? XINPUT? What are these and which do I need to install?

DINPUT and XINPUT are types of controller inputs for PC games. Which one applies to you depends on the type of controller you're using. If using keyboard and mouse controls, however, it does not matter which EXE you pick.

XINPUT is aimed at those who have an Xbox 360, One, or Series X|S controller, or are using an XINPUT wrapper program for a PlayStation controller, such as DS4Windows, BetterDS3, or Steam's native configuration for PS4 controllers.

DINPUT is aimed at those who plug their PlayStation or third-party controllers into their PC without using a wrapper program. This is the default EXE included in the main modpack's "bin" folder.

4. What's the difference between the "Original" and "Alternate" versions of the mod?

Original is closer to retail AoD, mostly in regard to pickup placements. Alternate contains more sweeping changes to enhance the experience, such as having no lethal weapons in the early Paris levels - a concept that Core themselves considered and designed the levels around.

However, please note that as of release 1.2.0 the modpack is only offered as a single "Full" version going forward, due to a number of factors. This is non-negotiable, and is the way the mod is intended to be played regardless.

The previous versions are being left up for archival purposes, but will receive no further updates.

5. What do I need to know going in?

Whether a new or returning player, you should treat this as though it's your very first playthrough of the game. Explore - check places you might not have before, or usually skip over. There's tons of content to be on the lookout for.

6. Is there any particular way this mod needs to be played?

Only to treat it like a first playthrough. Many elements including new notebook entries with more context, item pickup placements, etc. have been heavily altered to be more logical and in-line with the traditional Tomb Raider experience. If you're used to knowing exactly what to do in TR:AoD - and as a result, quickly move from Point A to Point B - you may want to dial it back some, otherwise you won't be taking in all that this project offers. Typically, if you think you've gotten stuck or can't progress, you may simply need to look elsewhere or try something else.

7. Is it absolutely necessary to use the patcher alongside the modpack's files?

Not unless you want to further customize your EXE. All necessary changes are included in the Full and Lite EXEs.

8. In regard to the added story content, was anything "made up?"

That depends on how extensively you hold game canon; do you only take the game at face value, or incorporate extraneous elements stated by the original developers? This mod is an unofficial project, though heavily inspired by the Core Design devs themselves, and the ideas they wanted to add to the game. Many implementations are based upon their own concepts, and some are of our own design - though nothing that doesn't fit into the game world.

If your concern is whether or not anything is "fan-fictiony," rest assured - there's none of that here. We have not added anything that goes against the design principles the game utilizes. There are no story elements that didn稚 have a basis in the development notes, which have been publicly available for quite a while.

9. What languages is the project available in?

Currently only in English. However, the newly added text can easily be edited to fit other languages, as AoD's text is part of a separate database file. Once the project is in a finalized state with all content locked-in, we'll look into reaching out for translating to other languages.

10. Can I use this mod in an ongoing save?

It's recommended that you play through the mod on a completely fresh save from the beginning. Loading a save from before Restoration was installed can potentially cause a range of issues - such as pickups not appearing where they should, certain events not happening, or even causing the game to crash.

11. Does Restoration痴 AoD Patcher include features from nakamichi680痴 EXE Multi-patcher?

Before answering: To reiterate, you don't need to use either patcher program at all - they are purely optional as of 1.2.0.

As for the question: AoD Patcher does not include Multi-Patcher's features, but the Full EXE has several selections from both already pre-applied. However, any up-to-date EXE can be further tweaked further using both patchers together or separately depending on what you want to tweak, as they both affect different things. Simply apply any desired changes from the AoD Patcher to your EXE, and then use nakamichi痴 Multi-Patcher to apply any additional changes you want. Please note as well that both patchers give a detailed description of what each tweak does, so be sure to read them before applying.

12. Does the modpack include level and cutscene changes from SLAYER痴 Ultimate Patch and/or nakamichi680痴 Levels Definitive Patch?

The level and cutscene files included in those two projects were used as a basis for Restoration Project. Thus, all changes in them are present here as well.

13.This project claims to offer new text while exploring, but I haven't seen any. Where is it?

If you have disabled subtitles via nakamichi680's EXE Multi-patcher, you must re-enable them. Due to engine limitations, the new environmental text is considered a subtitle with no accompanying audio.

14. Why are pickup placements so heavily adjusted in this mod?

Retail AoD has a very haphazard approach to the availability of item pickups. Health items are plentiful, to the point where you end up with much more than you'll actually use. In comparison, ammo tends to be fairly scarce. We've taken the approach of balancing these items as much as possible, leading to an equal distribution of both throughout each level. Certain items were also placed in less apparent locations, to reward the player for thoroughly exploring.

15. In the Full version, I've played the first five levels now, and I still don't have any guns.

The first lethal gun Lara has the ability to obtain is the M-V9, purchased for 1000 from Rennes' Pawnshop. Beyond that, your first free lethal gun is the Desert Ranger which is found in Le Serpent Rouge. However, in keeping with Core's concepts of Lara needing to build herself up again, it has very limited ammo. The first gun that's both free and given plenty of ammo is the Vector-R35 in Louvre Galleries; it has even more magazines to find, too. Below is a list of when you gain each gun.

Remember, it痴 beneath a spoiler tag for a reason!

* M-V9 - Rennes' Pawnshop (Purchased for 1000. Magazines are 100 each.)
* Desert Ranger - Le Serpent Rouge (Found in either the garage or the stage entrance.)
* K2 Impactor - Rennes' Pawn Shop (Inside the vault.)
* Dart SS - Rennes' Pawn Shop (Inside the vault.)
* Vector-R35 - Louvre Galleries (Zone 4, on the printer in the surveillance camera office.)
* Vector-R35 - The Archaeological Dig (On the generator near the power switch in the portable office. If Lara obtains two, they become Dual Vector-R35's.)
* V-Packer - The Tomb of Ancients (In a room beneath the black iron gate.)
* Mag Vega - Galleries Under Siege (Dropped by a Cabal merc in Zone 1, near the second gallery.)
[Lara loses the above guns after Galleries Under Siege.]
* Rigg 09 - Von Croy's Apartment (Found on the dining room floor.)
* Viper - Von Croy's Apartment (Dropped by the Cleaner in the abandoned apartment.)
* Dual Vector-R35's - The Monstrum Crime Scene (Lara has them when the level starts. The Cleaner dropped them when he fell down the stairs, and she picked them up before the ensuing cutsene.)
* Scorpion X - The Monstrum Crime Scene (Bought for 800 from Luddick, if you were nice to him.)
* Mag Vega - The Strahov Fortress (Dropped by a Cabal merc in Zone 1, by the crane surveillance room.)
* Scorpion X - The Strahov Fortress (Zone 2, in the cabinet near the Monstrum victim. If Lara obtains two, they become Dual Scorpion X's.)
* Boran X - The Sanitarium (Kurtis starts with this in his inventory. Lara cannot use it.)


Level-Specific FAQ

- Parisian Ghetto

I chose Pierre's route for breaking into Le Serpent Rouge, but I can't interact with the stage entrance door.

The entrance has been moved to the area with the 田ity guide. This is its originally intended location, and is how the interior of the level was designed around.

I chose Pierre's route for breaking into Le Serpent Rouge, but coming down the street toward the stage entrance, I didn稚 see Kurtis ride off on his motorcycle.

That scene now plays on the club痴 fire escape as Lara exits, regardless of whether you choose Bernard or Pierre.

- Von Croy痴 Apartment

I've picked up Werner's Walking Stick and the Rigg 09, but the Cleaner hasn't arrived.

To trigger the Cleaner, you must pick up both Werner's Walking Stick and a new item called Fax from Carvier to Von Croy, found near Werner's computers. Check carefully for a flashing sparkle. Remember to pick up the Rigg 09 before engaging the assassin.

- The Monstrum Crime Scene

In The Monstrum Crime Scene, I've made it to Vasiley's basement, but I can't find the fax that gives me the passcode.

You can find it by crouching down next to his fax machine, which is under his TV.

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