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Hello everyone just want to say thank you everyone for the feedback and requests. I've been overwhelmed with stuff recently and just hadn't had the time to answer here, but I promise, I'm reading

an update will be released with some bug fixes, we've waited so far on purpose so we can find as many bugs as possible. decompilation remains a long and tedious process at times and is very error prone. I'd say it's even a good achievement that it's only a few bugs.
I've found and fixed the bug with the crossbow not hitting stuff, this was the most game breaking one, but I promise, next release will have it fixed
There were also a few bugs with the way the motorbike collides with walls, and another bug where the motorbike wouldn't explode if you fall down a pit sometimes and a bunch of small bugs here and there. it's all fixed now though details will be in the changelog when the release is out

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