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Just to report a few more bugs, all tomb4 related. Here's the save files for some of these issues if you would like them:
  • In Valley of the Kings, at the descent before the end of the level, there is something causing Lara's Jeep to get dragged around a bit. The same thing also happens near the end of KV5. (savegame.4)
  • At the start of KV5, when Lara approaches the enemy Land-Rover, it does not move. (savegame.5)
  • After KV5 ends, the cutscene Fmv04 does not play. (savegame.9)

There's a further two minor bugs that I thought is worth mentioning as well:
  • In Angkor Wat, after Werner gives you instructions on how to swing with a rope, he starts walking into a door without stopping. (savegame.11)
  • There's a texture oddity on the main menu, when the camera passes through the window.

Anyway, hope you don't mind the lengthy bug report. I'm having a lot of fun playing Last Revelation again
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