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TRAOD Restored EXE Release 1.1:

1.0 Version Notes

New Additions:

- Added a manual lock on system. Hold the Look button to focus on one enemy and strafe around them (like in the retail game). You can only change targets using the Roll button while in this mode.

- To make sure this new lock on system does not make sprinting near enemies impossible, you now start sprinting by tapping the Look button once. You can tap it again (or just stop moving) to stop sprinting.

- Kurtis can now sprint, this previously did not work due to the strength upgrade checks since Kurtis has 2 lower and upper body upgrades only. Sprint jumping is kept disabled since Lara does not have that ability during this section of the game either.

- Added 360 camera when hanging from ledges and swimming.


- Both running and walking on stairs should work as intended in both Tank Movement and Camera Relative Movement modes.

- 360 camera is no longer enabled on ladders when using Tank mode.


- If you are playing with a controller, make sure to use the DInput executable for Dualshock controllers and XInput executable for Xbox controllers etc. You must also use Joy2Key or a similar tool to make the right stick on your controller behave as the mouse, this is a limitation with the first release for controller users, I will try to make it work without Joy2Key in the future. Let me know if you can't do this using Joy2Key and I'll try to help. These don't matter if you only plan on playing with keyboard/mouse!

- Make sure to reduce your mouse sensitivity in-game A LOT, otherwise the camera rotation will be way too fast.

- Your Tank/Camera Relative movement selection will reset every time you restart the game, this is a limitation with this approach that I'm unable to resolve at the moment.

- DO NOT apply the controller changes included in Nakamichi's multipatcher. It will break the 360 camera and you will be unable to revert the changes. Many of the changes in it are already applied to this manually.

- DO NOT apply the option for removing walking before running included in my patcher. This is already implemented for tank controls in this executable and you will break the exe if you apply that as well. In the future I will update the patcher to make sure that option does not break this exe file.

- AOD does not work that well on XInput controllers since it is a very old game so it is highly recommended that you use DInput controllers if you can. The biggest issue being that the game refuses to recognize the trigger buttons on XInput controllers and will assign those buttons to L3 and R3 instead.

- Press "default" on the controller button bindings menu to make sure the controller changes apply properly!

There are 2 versions included in this release:

-The "LITE" version only has the most essential changes and quality of life improvements. Use this if you want to customize your exe yourself. Includes some features of both my patcher and Nakamichi's multipatcher.

Includes (in addition to the changes mentioned previously and the 1.0 release):
- Disable holstering weapons while sprinting.
- Remove combat camera delays.
- Better left/right strafing during combat.
- Fix Lara's torso when aiming with dual pistols.
- Fix swerving left/right when hopping.
- Enable skipping conversations and change skip button to Look.
- Fix crashing near the lasers in Strahov Fortress.
- Enable gaining dual pistols by allowing multiple number of the same weapon in the inventory.
- Fix crashing in main menu after opening certain number of sub menus
- Kurtis Farsee Effect fix
- Enabled snow
- ESC to skip Cutscenes/FMVs
- Aspect Ratio Fix
- Underwater Effects Fix
- Rotating Gas Clouds Effect Fix

-The "FULL" version has way more changes and improvements applied to it, includes many features of both my patcher and Nakamichi's multipatcher. Use this if you don't want to bother with the patcher tools.

Includes (in addition to the changes in the lite version):
- Disable holstering weapons while wading in water
- Enable weapons in stealth
- Enable shooting in midair and when rolling
- Enable weapons while hugging walls
- Increase running speed
- Improve Lara's position when jumping into water
- Enable running after all forward jumps
- Enable consecutive jumps
- Fixed walking speed when hugging walls
- Reduce number of shotgun shells per pickup
- Reduce number of Impactor batteries per pickup
- Reduce enemy stagger when getting shot at
- Increase amount of ammo in Dual Vector's per clip
- Adjust main menu element sizes for widescreen
- Remove "build" text on the main menu
- "Press Any Key" has AOD font
- Remove conversation/cutscene start fade and delay
- Allow quick loading at any time
- Remove fade-in and delay on loading
- Faster level transitions
- Enable proto-vision effects
- Enable shapeshift (morph) effects
- Look mode can override fixed cameras
- Persistent corpses.
- Lag free look camera
- Lag free walk mode
- Classic health/breath/grip bar
- High quality cubemap reflections
- Rotating pickup item icons

Make sure to report any issues you may encounter and feel free to give me feedback as always. The lock on feature in particular took a lot of work so let me know what you think about it!

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