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TRAOD Restoration Project 1.2.0 Release

Download Link:

The opening post and the full project changelog will be updated later. Make sure you report the bugs you may encounter and feel free to give me your feedback!

Release Notes:

- Previously, this mod had 2 versions called "Alternate" and "Original". The "Original" version will no longer be updated as it's simply way too time consuming for me to keep 2 versions updated. The old downloads will still be available for those who still want them. The only updated version will be the old "Alternate" version and now it's the default version as it's the way the mod is intended to be played.

- One of the included exe files is required for the intended experience, the FULL version for DualShock controllers is the one included by default, you can replace this with the other options available. Make sure you check out the readme file for more information and notes. If you want to play with keyboard & mouse, the controller options does not matter.

- Make sure you lower the mouse sensitivity ingame A LOT if you want to use the 360 camera.

- Joy2Key is still required for proper camera relative controls with 360 camera, you must make the right stick of your controller behave as the mouse.

- Make sure you have VMR9 enabled as usual for the FMV's to play properly, the game no longer crashes when this option is not enabled.

- There is an included FMV pack made by ATombRaiderFan which I recommend using, this is kept optional due to it requiring a codec such as Lav Filters. Make sure it's installed if you want to use this pack!

- Old saves are NOT compatible with this mod!

Some of the big gameplay changes included for those trying out the mod for the first time and some other notes to avoid potential confusion:

- Added a new option for switching between Tank controls and Camera Relative Controls (with 360 camera) to the Options menu.

- Added a manual lock on system. Hold the Look button to focus on one enemy and strafe around them (like in the retail game). You can only change targets using the Roll button while in this mode.

- To make sure this new lock on system does not make sprinting near enemies impossible, you now start sprinting by tapping the Look button once. You can tap it again (or just stop moving) to stop sprinting.

- Added 2 purchasing options to the pawn menu, one for purchasing the MV-9 Pistol (€1000) and one for purchasing MV-9 clips (€100 per clip).

- Kurtis can now sprint.

- Pierre's route has a new club entrance, don't get confused when the retail club entrance doesn't work!

- Skipping voice lines (and conversations) require you to press "Look" instead of Action.

For the full list of changes, check out the readme and changelog files included in the EXE pack.

1.2.0 Changelog:


-Fixed conversations not progressing under certain situations
-Improved the default camera position in camera relative mode when loading into an area for the first time or after a cutscene plays
-Improved new combat camera lock system added in Restoration Project to avoid having the camera rapidly spin 180 degrees when returning back to the “chase camera” in some cases
-Drawing weapons will no longer alert nearby enemies
-Increased speed of Kurtis’ getting back up after an enemy attack (mainly seen in Boaz Returns) to make this boss fight less frustrating
-Increased Boaz targetting distance to around 3x of the current distance to make targetting Boaz less frustrating in some cases
-Kurtis riding away on his bike cutscene will now play both in Pierre’s and Bernard’s route (made to go along with Parisian Ghetto level changes)
-Partially fixed an issue where fog would disappear after reloading from a save (note: the fog may still disappear if you quit the game and restart, however reloading from saves now work)
-Fixed the 360 camera behaving incorrectly after reloading from saves
-Disabled VMR9 making the game crash, however please note that it is still required for FMV’s to play properly

-Re-worked, improved and fixed many text entries
-Re-worked most notebook entries to make them more useful and to expand on some story elements
-The modpack is now built on top of TRAOD Rescued Modpack (made by LateRaider), this modpack includes all previous fixes and improvements made by other modders
-Replaced Lara’s animation files in all levels with the NTSC PS2 animation files to make Lara’s grunts when jumping less extreme like in that version of the game

-Restored unused Cop & Cop behaviour near the key, the cop here now occasionally turns around and hears sounds much more easily
-Replaced 2 lines with their PS2 variations (“This looks like a safe area…” and “Don’t keep me hanging around…”)
-Added new voice line: " Press the Roll button, to perform a 180 degree roll."
-Locked the door leading to the unused area in the beginning courtyard
-Fixed "This gap looks easy..." line being unskippable
-Fixed "I need to move quietly..." line being unskippable
-Fixed "Hmm... it looks like I need something to force this open." line not playing.
-Removed duplicate inside of derelict apartment object
-Removed most tutorial lines in beta area due to it now being only accessible at the end of the level
-Some item pickup adjustments for balancing purposes
-Removed trying to unlock invisible door trigger leading to the beta area from the street with the cop
-Adjusted position of the key for better flow with the commando crawl tutorial line
-Removed door opening tutorial as it was unnecessary
-Improved lighting & shadows in some areas
-Enabled light glow effect inside the apartment block seen in the cutscene

Note: The door leading to the unused tutorial area has been locked again (meaning it can’t be accessed from the starting courtyard area but can still be accessed from the derelict apartment side) due to this area being pointless to access right away since you can only gain a health item. This door is planned to be unlocked alongside the rest of the cut route once the missing geometry is restored.

-Re-worked how the cops behave in the level. Previously, they would break the door open in specific areas, now this is based on a timer system. They will break open the apartment door in a short amount of time, pushing the wardrobe will grant additional time.
-Adjusted specific fixed cameras to work better with this new system.
-Added a new health item to the bottom floor to take advantage of this new timer system.
-The cop will now progress further in the level rather than waiting at the ground floor
-Removed camera and lock when the ceiling collapses

-Added a timer for the chopper & music, now the chopper will spawn earlier overall no matter what rather than a predetermined position like in retail
-Removed useless interact trigger with fence gate
-Fixed a texture not being double sided
-Item pickup adjustments for balancing purposes
-Fixed glass breaking sound playing at the beginning of the level
-Fixed background music not starting without moving right first

-Simplified the notebook entries gained from talking to Janice
-Restored a fixed camera that was removed in the first release of the mod
-Added animations for the tree that can be seen above where Janice is
-Removed the cabal guard waiting outside after leaving the club
-Disabled triggers that would make the game load back to the first level
-Fixed some texture issues
-Adjusted spawn position when entering from paris2_2
-Adjusted location of cutscene of Kurtis driving away on his bike, now it plays when exiting the Serpent Rouge instead
-Added dead Cabal guard with modified mesh made by PlagueDoctor to the Serpent Rouge exit
-Added new notebook entry that can be gained from interacting with the corpse

Note: The adjustment of the cutscene and the new added dead body were inspired by Murti’s story ideas.

-Fixed trees & tree shadows not moving when entering the level from certain areas
-Added animations for a tree and its shadow which were previously static
-Ensured the tree and its shadows will always move
-Fixed vector clip pickup being under the floor
-Fixed a loading trigger being able to be skipped
-Fixed multiple spawn positions

-Fixed and adjusted Lara's spawn positions
-Fixed various texture issues, z-fighting issues and other visual issues.
-Removed unnecessary strength upgrade
-Removed unobtainable pickup
-Changed the model of various doors to make sure they are more compatible with TRJTA's definitive edition
-Fixed door not being properly aligned
-Adjusted various pickups to make sure they aren't floating
-Changed textures of Cabal enemies to make it more obvious that they are not cops

-Adjusted lighting to make it appear less harsh on Lara and Pierre’s faces

-Adjusted lighting to fix Lara's shadow rapidly changing directions

-Adjusted spawn position when entering from Bouchard's Hideout
-Adjusted lighting to make characters cast shadows
-Ported over level script from the NTSC PS2 version to avoid potential softlocking issues caused by the “ring camera” activating and looping infinitely upon reloading from saves, now this camera always plays once

-Minor lighting adjustments inside Francine’s apartment and fixed an issue where the lighting on Lara would suddenly change on the balcony

-Added new character as Bouchard's bodyguard
-Reworked interaction with Bouchard, now you must approach him first and once he gets up from his seat, you can start the conversation by interacting with him.
-Added the voice lines: “Found an intruder, Bouchard.” and “Well, tell her I’m busy and throw her out.”
-Fixed various texture issues
-Removed various voice lines of Lara saying "I can climb up on that"
-Fixed and adjusted various spawn positions
-Adjusted position of a rat which would previously stuck in a gate

-Added unused texture for dead Rennes
-Adjusted items on the shelves to make sure they aren't floating or clipping
-Adjusted Lara's spawn position
-Adjusted the water seen in the cutscene so that it looks and behaves more realistically
-Adjusted lighting inside the pawnshop so that shadows are being cast more realistically

-Adjusted water to look more realistic in many areas
-Adjusted a fixed camera to make sure the water doesn't cover the screen when climbing the ladder
-Fixed many texture issues in the second zone

-Removed and adjusted the positions of some health items for item balancing purposes
-Adjusted position of Vector pistol pickup to make it harder to miss
-Slightly moved a guard so that stealth takedowns can be used
-Adjusted various lights to make characters cast realistic shadows
-Various notebook entry adjustments

-Fixed various texture issues
-Moved position of one of the guards to make targetting him less frustrating
-Replaced MV-9 dropped by the guard with a Vector pickup, this pickup is now placed next to the switch to activate the scanning machine

-When entering the level from Hall of Seasons, Lara will no longer spawn in midair
-Adjusted the trigger to make water rise & warp Lara to be in the water to work better and more consistently
-Adjusted the water to look and behave more realistic

-Fixed Lara's position after the brother obscura cutscene
-Replaced "ULTRA VIGILIS UMBRAM, ECCE VERITAS" text with higher quality texture made by TRJTA
-Adjusted Brother Obscura's spawn position
-Adjusted water to look and behave more realistic
-Fixed brother obscura room gate opening/closing triggers being able to be triggered multiple times
-Fixed water filling/camera trigger being able to be triggered multiple times
-Rotated the texture of the calendar in the middle of the hall to make the elements more accurately aligned with the months and seasons on the calendar (thanks to LateRaider for the modified textures)

-Fixed metal grates not being double sided
-Adjusted water to behave and look more realistic

-Re-done X-Ray machine interaction, now the painting must be placed first before the machine can be used
-Added 3 voice lines for enemy soldiers
-Replaced 2 guard near the beginning with Strahov soldiers
-Fixed light above a door being on before getting the gas mask

-Fixed incorrect outfit on Lara

-When first leaving Von Croy's apartment, The Cleaner will now disappear after moving further into the hallway
-Replaced one health kit with a chocolate bar for item balancing purposes
-Removed one normal map for better visuals
-Adjusted some items to make sure they aren't floating
-Adjusted various lights to make sure characters cast more realistic shadows

-Fixed incorrect outfit on Lara

-Hammer item will now be dropped after killing the guard
-One of the cabal guards will now drop a vector ammo pickup
-Vectors will now be given automatically at the start of the level
-Fixed sewer sounds being active before entering the sewers
-Added new trigger to disable sewer sounds when entering Vasiley's
-Fixed unnecessary diary entry being added in Vasiley's office.
-Lara will now be rotated towards Bouchard after the cutscene.
-Lara inspecting the items in Vasiley's office now requires pressing the action button.
-Adjusted the water in the sewers
-Changed Dual Scorpion X to single Scorpion X
-Fixed some texture issues in the sewers

-Notebook entry adjustments in zone 2
-Fixed Lara targeting the propane tank even after it's exploded
-Adjusted various death triggers that cause Lara to get crushed (container and box) to make sure they are disabled when they are no longer needed, to avoid making the player die for no reason
-"That's not any script that I know" line now requires pressing action.
-Adjusted the Strahov soldiers in the cafeteria section to make them no longer float above the chairs
-Adjusted some lights (very minor changes)
-Fixed sky not being visible due to texture not being double sided (can be seen after the saw is used and it breaks the glass window)

-Re-enabled light beam effects at the big dome area
-Adjusted all water in the level to look and behave more realistically
-Moved GAS_BAG at the start to avoid constant sounds during the conversation
-Re-enabled 3 enemies
-Adjusted Lara's starting position
-Re-added unused flyby intro to the level
-Changed which enemy drops medium access keycard
-Disabled useless interact trigger for a wardrobe that no longer exists in the level

-Adjusted the spawn position to be closer to the doors at the beginning
-Removed Boran X pickup being automatically given at the start as it was unnecessary and instead replaced it with a Small Health Kit as Kurtis' levels have very few health items
-After the cutscene where Kurtis encounters the Proto, he will now be warped -and properly rotated to where he last was in the cutscene
-Disabled fixed camera near the fans as it was impacting gameplay

-Fixed some texture issues
-Fixed keycard reader near the end accepting keycard gained in the previous level. As a result of this, the keycard reader has been moved back to its original spot
-Kurtis will now be properly rotated after the proto boss intro cutscene
-Added new voice line "Time to get the power on again." once proto is defeated

-Fixed Eckhardt's facial animations (his mouth being constantly open) by replacing blendshapes

-Adjusted the waters to make sure they are sized properly
-Adjusted the waters to make them look and behave more realistic
-Re-enabled unused camera angle

-Fixed both open and closed versions of the big gate in the background being visible at the same time

-Fixed music not playing upon completing the lab puzzle due to issues with events
-Fixed some texture issues
-Added readable Eckhardt's Journal to the book on the table

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