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TRAOD Restoration Project 1.2.1 Release

Download Link:

The opening post and the full project changelog will be updated later. Make sure you report the bugs you may encounter and feel free to give me your feedback!

Release Notes:

- This must be installed on top of the 1.2.0 release!

- For those playing on Steam: Make sure you disable the default controller configs included in the steam release as they don't work with this mod at all.

- Make sure you have VMR9 enabled as usual for the FMV's to play properly, the game no longer crashes when this option is not enabled.

- If your controller binding are incorrect, press "DEFAULT" in the controller bindings menu ingame to make sure they are set properly!

- One of the included exe files is required for the intended experience, the FULL version for DualShock controllers is the one included by default, you can replace this with the other options available. If the default exe doesn't work with your DInput controller, make sure you try the second DInput option included in the EXE pack! Make sure you check out the readme file for more information and notes. If you want to play with keyboard & mouse, the controller options do not matter.

- If the new FMV's don't work, try installing Lav Filters.

1.2.1 Changelog:


- EXE has been redone from scratch, this should resolve issues where the exe would not open on some PC's

- Added proper right stick input reading, therefore JoyToKey is no longer mandatory for camera movement with controllers
- Improved mouse handling, lowering the mouse sensitivity a lot is no longer needed
- Added right stick input to the look camera in camera relative mode
- Increased camera movement speed of the 360 camera compared to the PS2 version
- Fixed useless & duplicate devices showing up on the controls menu
- Lara & Kurtis should no longer slow down when running on some controllers in camera relative mode

- You can now perform stealth takedowns on moving enemies
- You can now enter Look mode during many more actions such as running, walking, hanging, shimmying and stealthing. It is still kept disabled during some actions due to bad camera behaviour
- You can now move in Look mode if using camera relative controls
- When leaving the look mode, the camera will always reset to be behind Lara
- Added unused "death" theme that is present in every level. The current music will stop playing and the death theme will play upon dying by any means (and also if you get arrested)
- Lara & Kurtis should never walk before running when not intended in either movement mode
- You can now enter Walk mode at all times
- Improved animations when a weapon is equipped during stealth (Note: Animations when hugging a wall and shooting from cover is also planned to be improved, this is being experimented with at the moment)
- Disabled holstering weapons when hugging a wall to prevent animation issues
- Lara & Kurtis will now properly target the enemy (they could still shoot at them but it wouldn't look like they were targetting them) when using a two handed weapon in stealth, previously this only worked with dual pistols
- Fixed the game going into the Look camera instead of the Combat camera in some cases (Restoration Project bug)

Quality of Life

- Changed "Roll" text in the bindings menu to "Roll / Switch Targets"
- Changed "Sprint" text in the bindings menu to "Sprint / Look"
- Multithreading option is now obsolete and can't be enabled as it did nothing impactful besides making the characters look glitchy
- Replaced multithreading button functionality in the launcher settings (now named "Cam-Relative") with a switch for movement type, so that your preference can be saved (yet to be added for the ingame movement type switch buttons)

As we all know, AOD has a very complex graphics settings menu and the ingame graphics menu is not enough to set everything to the recommended & best options. Several changes have been done to make setting the graphics settings to be the recommended and best options way easier:

- VMR9, Fog and other options will now be enabled by default
- Reworked default graphics options to make them closer to the best settings
- Changed default Aspect Ratio to 16:9 and changed default gamma to 1.0 from 1.3
- Switched the default shadow rendering to Nvidia Shadows from Pixel Shader Shadows
- Removed resetting of resolution when changing the "graphics quality" ingame
- "User Clip Plane" is now disabled by default as it was causing the game to crash when taking screenshots

and some more tweaks to make things easier to understand and to use...

With these changes, the ingame graphics settings can now be safely used without messing up your settings and the highest settings will set everything to near perfect settings. You can also press the "HIGHEST" button on the launcher to set your graphics settings to near perfect settings. The only options you still need the launcher for will be:

- Aspect Ratio, if you are playing at anything other than 16:9
- Multisampling Anti Aliasing

- Added "Story so Far" option to the main menu, which will play the Myth of El Hawa short film made by Tomb of Ash and written by Murti Schofield
- Added button to access the extras menu (this was present in the PC version already but could not be accessed)
- Re-enabled third option in extras menu (which used to be a trailer for TimeSplitters 2)

Changed the extras options to:
- TRAOD Definitive Edition Trailer by TRJTA
- Making of (same as PS2)
- Developer Interview Video

To invert the camera for controllers, you can apply this hex change:

Find : 00 00 00 00 0A D7 23 BD
Replace With: 00 00 00 00 0A D7 23 3D

Myth of El Hawa was made by Tomb of Ash, check it out here!

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