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Hi everyone!
New update is here

This is a big update, so bear with me!

First things first, the project has officially been renamed from tomb3decomp to tomb3, to match tomb4 and tomb5!

In this release, we finally got rid of the dreaded .reg files, thanks to the new config tool Lahm86 so kindly made for us!
Check it out! we hope this makes for a better, more well-rounded experience when choosing settings

and, as you can see in the video, both Windowed mode and Gold support are here!
Gold mode has been tested thoroughly (I did a full playthrough of the game myself, too!) and should work 100% as the original gold executable. Installation guide for Gold is in the use guide.

Please note that windowed mode is still experimental, and may still have some issues, so please do report any if you run into them.
FMV playback has been disabled for windowed mode, this is on purpose and will hopefully be fixed in the future.

Moreover, we added fixes to a few bugs, including the passport crash when using higher scale options!

Full changelog here.

Be sure to check out the Use guide for help with installation/updating!

(As it says in there, you are safe to delete tomb3decomp.dll and the ExtraOptions folder (and setup.bat if you please))

Note this release includes an empty saves folder. You can safely delete the DoNotDeleteMe.txt file inside, this was added for Github to not delete the folder from the package. This folder is crucial for storing saves. Your game will not save if it is missing. and remember to move your saves into the folder, too

That's all for now, Grab the new version here!
And as always, enjoy!
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