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Version 1.6.7 is now released along with TEN 1.0.9 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Add a set of particle and dynamic light node functions.
  • Add ability to search for invisible texture tiles.
  • Use more consistent naming for newly generated flipped and split rooms.
  • Write catalog file reading errors to a log file.
  • Build status window now displays the path to the built level.
  • Don't throw useless invalid texture warnings when building a level.
  • Fix TEN texture packer crash if static meshes have more textures than moveables.
  • Fix nodes made from context menu incorrectly linking to selected node as next instead of previous.
  • Fix script ID assignment when duplicating rooms from the context menu or via hotkey command.
  • Fix Lua ID assignment when pasting a group of objects.
  • Fix exception when autosave interval was set to 0 in editor options.
  • Fix several TEN object remaps in TrCatalog.xml.
  • Fix light interpolation for TRNG target if 32-bit lighting option is active.

  • Automatically fix incorrect state IDs for switch objects when converting them to TEN format.
  • Fix incorrect conversion of Lara object in legacy wads to TEN format.
  • Fix incorrect conversion of several objects such as LARA_HOLSTERS to TEN format.
  • Fix exception in mesh editor when a mesh with incorrect sphere radius is selected.
  • Fix more cases of incorrect animation importing.
  • TEN Base WAD:
    - Improve TEN Lara wad base equipment such as pistol holsters.
    - Fix TEN Lara head rotation in shotgun, crossbow, and harpoon gun.

  • Update tomb3 preset to 2.0.2.

TEN: Version 1.0.9
  • Fix cold bar triggered in non-water rooms.
  • Fix spiky wall speed value and change it via OCB number or Lua (Moveable::SetItemFlags[0]).
  • Fix bats emitter crashing the game if little beetle object does not exist in wad.
  • Fix gunflash rendering and position for entities.
  • Fix snowmobile driver crashing the game.
  • Fix knifethrower not throwing knife.
  • Fix classic rollingball rolling in place into some closed doors.
  • Fix zipline not working properly.
  • Fix missing heavytrigger checks for node events activated from classic triggers.
  • Fix death block flag burning enemies underwater.
  • Fix pickups and object collision not working properly in flipped rooms without portals.
  • Fix footprints not being cleared after level change.
  • Fix thumbstick camera option sometimes producing jerky camera movements during object interaction.
  • Fix soundtrack position not restoring if same track is already playing.
  • Fix inventory input interference when entering inventory via puzzle.
  • Fix gamepad still vibrating if Lara was poisoned prior to death.
  • Fix flare brightness.
  • Fix grenade firing angle.
  • Fix rendering for static meshes with custom blending modes and alpha transparency.
  • Fix inconsistent multiline string spacing on different display modes.
  • Remove search object 4 hardcoded meshswap activated with a flipmap.
  • Add TR1 cowboy.
  • Add TR3 wall mounted blade.
  • Add TR3 claw mutant.
  • Add TR5 lasers:
    - Choose colour for the lasers via tint menu.
    - Laser OCB means width of the laser in sectors.
    - Negative OCB laser will trigger heavy trigger.
    - Positive OCB kills Lara.
  • Add removable puzzles from puzzle holes and puzzle dones:
    - Employed by setting the trigger type as "Switch" for either puzzle hole or puzzle done.
    - Can be mixed with puzzle done and puzzle holes of the same or different type.
  • Add reusable keys for key holes:
    - Employed by setting the trigger type as "Switch" for key hole.
  • Allow key hole animation to be played via OCB number:
    - Default OCB 0 will play Lara use key animation.
    - Any positive OCB number will play the animation according to the OCB number.
  • Reimplement fog bulbs.
  • Add missing gunflash for some entities, also include dynamic light and smoke to all gunflashes.
  • Add compass needle wobble in inventory.
  • Add ability to pick up a single inactive flare as an inventory item.
  • Add log reports if title level or other levels don't exist.
  • Add better error handling for missing font, sprites or shaders.
  • Add "Reset to defaults" entry to controls menu and automatically bind XBOX gamepad profile if connected.
  • Add 64-bit executable and place both 32-bit and 64-bit versions into /Bin subdirectory.

Lua API changes:
  • Add Vec2 class.
  • Add function String::SetTranslated().
  • Add function Misc::IsStringDisplaying().
  • Add the following for use in AddCallback and RemoveCallback:

NOTE: TEN folder structure has changed because of the inclusion of the 64-bit version.
If you are updating existing TEN projects, manually remove all *.dll files and TombEngine.exe from Engine subfolder after copying contents to project folder.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, 32-bit NET6 installer, TEN update for existing projects.
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