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Now here is compilation of the stuff I wrote, found out myself and/or collected here. It may serve as a starting point for newbies. Let's bookmark it ( and I'll try to update it with new stuff as it appears (if anyone has suggestions, please let me know).

Also follow this link to find a version with screenshots which were added by the admins (this one here is a bit more compact, just follow your personal preference).

How to start:

You'll need a working copy of Adobe PhotoShop (newer versions of PaintShopPro is said to also work, but I don't know if that's true) and some fair knowledge about using it sure won't hurt.

Just go here (, grab the TomRipper and the photoshop plug in and install them.

Now for a start, let's make a mod of the "Evening, ripped" dress, since this seems to be everybody's favourite.

1) Run TombRipper, choose Open and select your game folder (most likely somewhere in C:\program files\crystal dynamics\tombraider legend, unless you put it somewhere else during installation), then it will take a while doing it's indexing on the first start and will fill the list with numbers.
2) Scroll the list for 3657 (it should show parts of the black dress, otherwise look near that ID until you see the parts) and use Extract.
3) Make a backup copy of the original file before modding(!), e.g. extract again and change the name to "Copy of 3657.DDS"
4) Fire up PhotoShop and load 3657.DDS (or right click the file and use "Open With")
5) Make some changes (for a start just add pink dots or something simple).
6) Save (or Save AS) in DSS format and in the Save dialog choose format DXT1 (1 Bit Alpha), select "No MIP maps" (see DDS-Formats below for more) and click save. It will help if you use a name that says what it is, e.g. "3657-black-dress-pink-dots.DDS"
7) Bring up the ripper window again and put the edited file back (select the 3657 and Restore). TombRipper should says "Done" (otherwise you most likely selected the wrong format when saving, e.g. you had Mip Maps on, see the Problems section down below for more).

Then start the game (TRL may not be running while you use TombRipper) and from the Load menu choose Replay for any level and select the "Evening, ripped" dress (isn't it funny how appropriate that name is for a ripped version, LOL).

Testing Outfits:

To avoid loading the dresses zillion times go to the manor, go upstairs to change a dress, then go back downstairs. The game will remember what you wear, so for further tests you can just fire up the game and go to the manor (you will need to go through at least one door after redressing for manor to remember the dress).

Outfit IDs:

I posted the list the other day, but that was just taken from Topcat's list which is available on the internet. Here's a link:

Here's another list compiled by Tansy (thanks for the work):

IDs may vary a bit (plus minus two) with different program versions.

Many dresses have multiple versions, e.g. at least two ... one for the preview dialog and one for the game. Some appear four or more times. Also note that Next-Gen uses different IDs than regular graphics.


Then here a a part from the forum (thanks to Jeffers) listing the weapons and gear. Note that you can make them disappear by making them transparent (check the Transparent topic below for details).

Equipment DDS

54 = Binoculars Main
55 = Binoculars Rims (eye pieces)

1043 - 1046 = Binoculars BUT i dont think you need to change these (i didn't have too) Change if DDS 54 and 55 dont work.

71 = Grapple
83 = Grapple
922 = Grapple

The two grapple files are the same so you only need to edit one and save it with the differen't file names.

278 = Pistols
298 = Pistols
320 = Pistols
342 = Pistols
363 = Pistols
967 = Pistols

All the pistol files are the same so you only need to edit one and save it with the differen't file names.

NOTE: Once changed you may find the file is too big. You need to have Mip Maps generated otehrwise the texture can only be seen up close so change it so 8 or something.

135 = PSL off
136 = PSL on


Legs: DXT1, no alpha, MIP on
Dress: DXT1, alpha, no MIP (for the black ripped dress at least, but I have found other outfits which have MIPS on, so you'll need to experiment).
Backpack, Belts, Undies: DXT1, Alpha, MIP on.

Also, see the format options in top part of the list (link above), where he specified which parts of the body/clothing usually have which format. Here's a copy with the red dress as a sample:

Red Dress Textures:
(Showroom textures from 5894+)
There appears to be some bump maps for hair below these numbers,
not sure if they relates to this outfit.)

3750: [c] Hair (DXT5+NoMipMap)
3751: [c] Mic. gear (DXT1+MipMap)
3752: Skin segments (DXT1+MipMap)
3753: Face (DXT1+MipMap)
3754: [c] Dress (DXT1+NoMipMap)
3755: Empty
3756: Empty
3757: ??????
3758: ?????? (Seems unrelated)
3771: ??????
3782: ? Hair buckle might be in here (DXT1+MipMaps)
3810-3834: NextGen textures and maps.


If you want to remove parts of the outfits (e.g. shorten the black dress) you can make parts transparent by painting the Alpha Channel black.

1) In Photoshop go to the box with Layers/Channels/Path and switch to Channels.
2) Turn on the Alpha-1 Channel (click on the eye) and select it (single click on the name).
3) Then click on the eye next to "RGB Channel" (topmost channel). In other words, the "Alpha 1" and RGB channels should remain visible (eye symbol) and the alpha channel should be selected (blue bar).
4) Now use drawing tools (pen, eraser, rectangle tool) in the main window. The color fields will have switched to black/white and when you paint with black the areas will appear reddish in the picture while if you paint white or use the eraser the red will disappear.

Those reddish areas will be invisible when the dress is used (but only on DDS file which are saved with Aplha channel).

Important: Keep copies of your files (e.g. in Photoshop format or the original backup), because when realoading DDS files into PhotoShop, the transparent areas will be black and the original content lost.

And no, you won't be able to make nude pictures that way. If you try, you will find that she doesn't wear anything underneath ... and that means not even a body. :-)

Common Problems:

Dress changes fading away into the old format when camera is in the distance: You'll need to save with MIP-Maps.

Loaded graphic has a cascade of images: Select "No MIP" when loading (images are usually square 512x512 pixels).

File many bytes too long: Try saving without MIP maps or without Alpha.

File many bytes too short: Try adding MIP maps (otherwise you may get the fade problem mentioned above).

File few (8) bytes too long: Keep MIP saving on, but select number of MIP maps manually in the save dialog (8,9,10) until the size is right

File apears as black in TombRipper: It's usual for self created files with MIP maps. The program will show it correctly.

Can't save (too many channels (5)): Don't use extra channels in Photoshop (e.g. storing a selection mask will create a channel). Also, make sure you have the standard background layer turned on and have it fully painted (none of the gray checkered background showing through).

Hope this helps.

Death by irony is always painful.

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