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Default Facts about Cancelled Remake/video, and CORE

*edit* trlonline, could you make this a sticky, please?

I have read the "Never Guess what I've found" thread and extracted the facts, as posted by various Core members, about the Cancelled Remake, the video of it, and CORE itself.
Please do not reply immediately, as there is quite a bit more to come yet!

Facts about Remake

Originally Posted by blunted
This thread is great!

But a few facts

This game is by Core.
The video is from the PSP.
It has been cancelled, and will not be released.
It was a tenth anniversary product - there was no point otherwise.

Originally Posted by Taohl
Hi all, you'll have a few people from Core online tonight and tomorrow morning with their feelings on this thread but don't expect anything concrete about the trailer.

We have (as the Core team) been asked not to divulge too much or enter into a protracted debate about the topic of this thread until an official statement is made. This is due tomorrow or possibly Monday and is to be arranged by our new owners / bosses as we are not under eidos' supervision anymore.

The facts will be made clear (or are there within this thread on previous entries if you can just believe them). Please be patient and appreciate that a particular small Core team (of the 60 development staff at the Derby office which has not been disbanded or closed down and is still making games) is very annoyed with the way this trailer has been dealt with.

If you want to know the truth then please wait and avoid the massive and unfounded speculation that has been circling and becoming increasingly grandiose and is more of a conspiracy theory now than a serious debate.

Thank you for your interest in the trailer, some of your comments have made us smile, some have down right annoyed us and some are simply bizarre.

I work for Core and turn in five days a week and the windows are not boarded up as far as I know.
Originally Posted by toiletroll66
Hi all, Although we can access the internet from work but we are generally busy all day I also think people are a little worried about saying the wrong thing so they dont want to log on from work. At home we can remain anonymous.

As for all the PSP games, 1) we are good at it and 2) its an interesting platform to work on and last but not least 3) the publisher gets what the publisher wants

I'll let you into an industry secret. Most games use a multi-platform engine that will work on PC, PSP, PS2 and Xbox (and now PS2 and 360) The most common way of working is to develop on PC (its quick and easy. Plus development kits are expensive so not everyone can have one on their desk) We then add all the platform specific graphical touches to the lead platforms (i.e. PSP, PS2) Therefore you almost always have a PC version for free of all the games you develop, even if a PC version is never released! (See point 3 above)
Originally Posted by Taohl
Latest News
15th June 2006, 11:02:06
Following speculation on the internet, we would like to offer the following clarification.

The video of Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition that appeared on certain sites was an unauthorised release of an internal presentation of a game that was being developed by Core Design until very recently. It was running on PSP and used a Core-developed engine. However, following a recent review this project has been officially cancelled by SCi.

Core is alive and well and working on some great new projects, and we are still planning to announce some exciting news very soon!

Originally Posted by MellowYellow
Shhh, dont tell them it was also running on PC
Originally Posted by MellowYellow
Hmmm, interesting. Ok, here's my take on the situation. (without telling any confidential info)

I dont think the cancellation of the project and the sale were specifically related. Remember, the sale of a company isnt an overnight thing. It takes months or even years. Its my opinion that the sale had nothing to do with the cancellation. Beyond that you will have to ask Eidos.

As for another studio finishing our work? I very much doubt it.
Originally Posted by Bandit
There's plenty we could have done.
Everything else we'd done was an improvement on the original, but at the same time staying as true to TR1 as possible.

I'm a programmy person myself, but Mr. C. and Mr. M. the leads of the creative side had quite a few nasty suprises in store for any players who knew TR1 well. 'Mr. Evil' as I've heard him called in the net is a very malicious person and didn't want any of you to get Lara out alive!

Back to your question though, personally I would have used ragdoll physics so you could have seen her bouncing off every lump and bump.

You all must hate the TR team here. They spend all day thinking up ways to Kill Lara.
Originally Posted by MellowYellow
Hi Guys,

Just to confirm. Our game has stopped development. We own it, and as far as i am aware do not intend to give the "assets" to anyone for completion. I cant speculate (actually cant say) on CD's version but it is not a continuation of ours, it will be of their own creation. I'm sure it will be a great game too.

Assets: noun, games development term refering to code (C++, assembler etc) art, animations, textures, paper design and so on. i.e. all of the work that is produced during the produciton of a game
Originally Posted by MellowYellow
Thats it!!!

Usually the developer keeps rights to the code and source graphics and dont give them to the publisher. Otherwise the publisher could give the code engine to someone else who could make another game with it!
As for the source graphics (the ones used to make the ones that go in the game) the developer still keeps them but cant do a thing with them in the real world becuase they are images of copyrite material.

I.e., its our all ours!!! But we cant publish without the copyrite holders permission.

So, and this is pure speculation of course (personal opinion, not that of Core etc.) I guess they would use the legend engine.

BTW, whoever asked, it was cancelled about a month ago (or so someone from Core previously posted )
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