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Originally Posted by Patrick star View Post
I see you harping on that quite a lot lately . What does "having the highest human body count in the series" have to do with questioning the limit of Lara's abilities ?

The devs didn't mean that every single thing in their game is intended to be realistic (proof is : their entire premise of Yamatai is about fantasy and the supernatural being real) , people just love to put words in their (Crystal's) mouth and pick on the tiniest details possible and triumphantly go like "Ha ! x y z isn't realistic ! in your face CD !" . If we're going to go super-realistic , any shot Lara would take during in-game gunfights should instantly kill her AND the game should END (no load game and Lara respawning) because realistically speaking dead people can't go back into the living world , imagine if the game was designed this way . What matters is : Lara is a good combatant who received extensive training from her mentor , and she can take care of herself alright . Some video-gamey conveniences are bound to be there no matter what approach the devs could be leaning towards (whether more grounded or more outrageous one) imo .

Anyway , let us not forget that the Solari are quite ordinary people (former survivors) . They're not the cleverest , most tactical best "soldiers" ever . It's even mentioned more than once in the documents that Mathias went for men strong in body but stupid and weak in almost everything else , so it's not like Lara in her first true adventure killed loads of veteran Mafia hitmen or advanced giant cyborgs .

Because it kills any chance of me taking the story seriously with how absurd the combat sections are.
Then she kills even more people in Rise who are Trinity mercs.

Its not helped by the fact there are plenty of moments where Lara should be dead but Plot-Armor prevails.

I can't take a "Survivor" narrative seriously when she's slaughtering her way effortlessly through braindead hordes.
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