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Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
This scene has gotta be one of TR2013 dumbest moments, imo, but at least you can laugh at it.

When Alex says "looks like my dance career is over" and Lara FAKE laughs at it. The fake laugh seriously kills me every time. "Ah heh heh..." Why did they even put this in there? To further cement Lara's disinterest in Alex romantically? Lmao sorry bro

Two seconds later, when Lara gets pissed and tells him he's going to kill them. She's so obviously annoyed with him, this situation, and his ineptitude. That lame ass joke clearly made things worse.

Alex telling Lara "I'm not gonna make it out of here" and Lara scrunching up her face up and lazily shaking her head no. It's like, you already know she's gonna ditch him, but she's making it seem like she won't for appearances.

Do I even need to say anything about the sad kiss? It's so dumb. They made Alex low-key in love with Lara, barely touched on it, Lara doesn't address it THE ENTIRE GAME, and then in this moment they're like "yeah let's have Lara friend zone him right before he dies."

But the real reason this is the stupidest moment in the entire game is because there were like three guys shooting at them, and by that point Lara had the blood of a thousand men on her hands. What was stopping her from shooting three more dudes? Honestly. The disconnect between the narrative and gameplay in TR2013 could win an award.
omfg i'm screaming lmaooo

I 100% agree tho. I love your take on Lara's character a lot more, too. just the no-nonsense additude. I love TR2013 but the story is an absolute trainwreck
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