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Sooo... Who is going to tell the guy above me that if there is any other nation in the world who currently has Technical know how and the financial means to land people on the moon, it would be China.

China has already successfully landed a Lunar Rover on the FAR side of the Moon; A feat praised by NASA's administrator Jim Bridenstine because its a friggin difficult task.

If their Lunar Program goes according to plan, they should have a Robotic Lunar Base set up by 2024:

The base will have 3D Printing Technology which should help in the construction of ecological structures and dwellings. You know what does that means right? They are well on their way to becoming the first nation in the world to have a long term manned research base on the Moon.

So can we ease off on the "commie" comments now please? Its seriously getting old.
I am sorry for not offending you. Please be patient. I'll get to you shortly.

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