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Originally Posted by Sat42 View Post
- chapter 3: all very good, great change in style and excellent atmosphere at times. The first and second levels actually succeeded in spooking me out in a way that I hadn't experienced in the series since Tomb Raider II's yetis.
- chapter 4: all very good too, it's smart to go with a real challenge as a send-off. Yes, Red Alert is buggy, but it's otherwise so strong I can forgive having to count on multiple saves to get through (first time round I got a corrupted save just after a lift leading to 2 soldiers jumping through ceiling glass; I had to restart the level with my save at the end of the previous level, but it wasn't more than 15 min to get back to where I was). Hell, they even have the helicopter chasing you la Half-Life.
Look how casual he talks about these levels

the audacity

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