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Originally Posted by b122251 View Post
Thank you for your kind words. The files you refer to on the disc hold the whole project directory.
This is for my benefit, since I have more than once found that I made some project, then finished it,
wanted to return to it later to change something, but I didn't have the project source files anymore.
So I decided the best place to store them was inside the final product. So when making a PS1-game, the
best way to make sure I won't lose the source files is to include them on every copy.

I wanted to make the name of the file something nice, but since I'm on an 8.3 character limitation,
there aren't many things you can write. So I make them references to bible passages that contain some
blessing. For example, Rev 22:21:

This is both a pleasant blessing for anybody curious enough to go looking at the filenames of stuff
I included on the disc, and a nice reminder for myself on how to open the files.
Is the game ready for it to get released yet?
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