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Originally Posted by Gh0stBlade View Post
So basically a few months ago I revisited this project due to new findings in the TR engine. The finding in question was in regards to relocation data.

After attempting to swap two models the game has always crashed for some reason. The cause initially was the relocation table header but after fixing this issue the game loads further but crashes at the very start.

So the question is can we port the DLC costumes to PC?

Answer: Not at this point in time. Not unless someone figures out how to swap two models in the engine. Sadly the community aren't really into experimenting with file format manipulation and I don't have the time to figure out why the game is crashing when swapping a model.

So until someone figures out how to swap 2 models in the engine the answer is not possible yet.

Ok so since we have the new tomb raiders I've seen you mod the definitive edition to pc which like you said this applies to meshes which generally crashes things if 2013 runs the same engine you used a patch to do so and with either DLC outfits or levels I feel like the game is size-based cause I played with your program gibbed unpacker and repack the game will crash if the two of the same Lara models are switched getting an error saying Corrupt CDRM if somehow the 2013 version is able to bypass this there has to be some code telling the game that any other file other than what is placed will result in crashing.

(whenever or when you want to is there a way to dump the error code from the game.)

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