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Originally Posted by Gh0stBlade View Post
Try this:

Ok so, here is the basic workflow of modifying TR8 files.

CDRM tool, you simply drag and drop the compressed .drm file onto the "CDRM.exe" file to decompress the DRM.

DRM tool, you simply drag and drop the .drm file onto the .exe to unpack the DRM sections.

Make your modification.

Drag and drop the folder DRM.EXE unpacked to onto DRM.EXE to pack it back to "Repacked.drm"

Drag and drop "Repacked.drm" onto CDRM.EXE to compress it back.

Rename the new DRM to it's correct filename.

Import into patch.000 by modifying the XML file.

I believe you just renaming and replacing will just break everything.
and so you think you can explain which file extensions are linked to Lara's model so I have DTP files and TR8files is a there simpler way of organizing this

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