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Originally Posted by JOHN30011887 View Post
^yup, thats what i think too, the emulator is almost perfect for me at least, just a line on left side of screen when using the upres x2 or x3, otherwise its perfect
I don't think there is a better way. I don't know. No one ever talked about it
The emulator can also play it with a higher resolution

Originally Posted by Mek View Post
In my opinion, currently the best method to play the DLC is to just buy a used Xbox 360 (they are cheap nowadays) and play it on the console. You should be able to connect it to a contemporary TV with no problems as the console has an HDMI port. As regards the internet connectivity, it has an Ethernet port (for a wired link) and Wi-Fi so it can be connected to the internet easily too.
I'm playing it now on Xbox One X
Oh my God the resolution did not exceed 480p
Although the console plays all the games perfectly
But this game looks very ugly
Texture filters are terrible
they said that the console can raises the resolution to 2160p
I never see that and Lara's new DLC costumes are always ruined in the normal levels

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