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Originally Posted by Halston View Post
Wow, Gh0stBlade! I guess I should have been checking the forum more since making that post in 2019. This is a massive undertaking, and you seem to have made some very promising progress.

What is your goal for this? Like, what results do you hope to see from it? Is it simply a way to view levels and assets in the editor, or is it for modding? Is it intended for custom level editing, or just an experiment?
The goal is to be able to alter the levels in TR2013+ significantly using the same editor. For the moment you can view a lot of levels and assets in the editor which should look identical to how they're shown in the original game. Modding is the same as editing I guess, it's mostly intended for building levels from scratch plus more.

1. DX11.1 removed which was causing crashes for some people.
2. Crashes are now less often as various fixes have been implemented.
3. Screenshots can now be taken of the editor.
4. UI updates and enhancemnets.
5. 3D grid added like original editor.

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