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Originally Posted by Zsott View Post
I got virus alert , when downoading the zip file...

Other than that... do I need any kind of knowledge when using this, or it's rather simple like the level editor for classic TRs?

Edit: It crashed on me; I had to put in win8 compatibily mode.Also when loading zones in, it still crashes though...
Don't know why your anti-virus got triggered. This program is definitely not a virus, you can also ask xproger to confirm since he has access to the source code.

At the moment there is only viewing functionality.

Common crashes occur when: Loading two levels in the same scene, so I don't recommend doing that.

Try clicking the viewport and pressing space, this should spawn a lara on the map.

Loading some maps might crash, just let me know which one is crashing so I can fix it in a future update.

The EXE needs to be in the game main folder with patch3.000.tiger (from DLSS update)
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