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Originally Posted by JACOBryanBURNS View Post
Well, we're all wrong sometimes.
I'll embrace it on today

Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
For me Anniversary is better because it's basically Legend but longer, more challenging, better level design and everything is more balanced. Thanks to TR1 actually.

What is worse is story (but I'm ok), combat is not as fun (but alright) and shiny white ledges.
Basically this.

It's a bit more exploration focused and (in the better levels) not so railroad-linear, because the design of the original game forced CD to break away from their typical linear level design, they had no choice. Decent atmosphere, some levels have that feeling of being a puzzle to solve like the classic games did. Any problems it had were also an issue in Legend and Underworld and often worse in those games.

I didn't mind the story of Anniversary at all. It was before we'd been bludgeoned to death with Lara's family drama so at the time I didn't mind that they linked Natla back to her father.

I'll acknowledge it did really butcher a few levels though; The Great Pyramid was terrible compared to the original Atlantis, the Coliseum was nerfed heavily and Tomb of Qualopec was also a little disappointing. St Francis Folly though was better than the original, to be sure.

Underworld also made a decent attempt more exploration-focused, non-linear gameplay (when it felt like it anyway, inconsistently), but it went totally off the rails on stupid tangents with the story and, even worse than Anniversary, they forgot colour exists after Thailand.

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