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I successfully managed to complete this level with 0/56 enemies being killed. One threat this level does throw is the fact that the soldiers aren't the only ones who go after the raptors; the raptors go after fellow raptors, and the raptors and T-Rex also go after each other. Because of this I had to ensure that the enemies didn't kill each other, as well as stopping the soldiers from killing any enemies, and not being allowed to kill any enemies myself. I caused a raptor to fall down at 03:46. I did this to keep that raptor and the raptor at 04:04 safe from each other; it stopped them from being able to harm one another.

It was very important to trigger the green dinosaurs at 06:35 and the raptor at 12:57. Not including Lara, this game can only have five active characters at once. An enemy counts as a character, as does an ally. If you have more than five characters present at once then only five of them will be active, whereas the other characters will become inactive. The five characters who are closest to you are the ones who will be active, and the characters that are further away will be inactive. I triggered five green dinosaurs and one raptor, totalling to six characters. There were five raptors in the dark room at 12:10, and there was a huge risk of them killing each other after I left. However, when reaching the area at 12:40, the green dinosaurs would've been closer to me than the five raptors. The presence of the green dinosaurs would've caused the five raptors to become inactive, stopping them from being able to harm one another.

There was a T-Rex and three raptors in the area at 15:42, and there was the risk of them killing each other after I left. Once I had returned to the area at 16:14, the presence of the green dinosaurs and the loose raptor would've caused the dinosaurs at 15:42 to become inactive, meaning that none of them could be harmed. A separate issue with the area at 15:42 was the risk of the green dinosaurs getting killed by the water, but these dinosaurs were clearly still alive when I returned after completing the level.

I entered the level with 51 savegame crystals, which meant that I needed to have 52 crystals in order to be allowed to save, and I didn't go against this rule. I collected all secrets, didn't use any glitches, didn't use any healthpacks, and only used the Pistols. In the next video I will be doing High Security Compound, TR3. In the previous video I did Khufu's Queens Pyramids, TR4.
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