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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
Feeling a bit lonely, nothing to really do online these days anymore. My irl friends don't seem interested in talking to me much since I voiced my opinions on the recent supreme court ruling.
I don't usually talk about political/gossip stuff on Facebook unless it's something I'm SUPER heated about and usually only with people who I know share my sentiments through chats instead of posts for all of my FB friends to (d)read. I brought up the Johnny/Amber trial with my boss at work the other day and he and I are on the same page: AH is a lying, narcissistic piece of crap. He even told me when Dr. Curry diagnosed her with BPD and HPD "she's done". I pray to God he's right. How can any sane jury side with her after all that's come out?

I hope JD finally gets justice after the UK judge ignored so much evidence proving she's a liar with more holes in her story than the Iraqi battlefield (hardly surprising in hindsight, his son works for a company owned by The Sun and he has ties to AH's lawyers, of course he had it in for JD. He even denied her crapping in their bed, that should tell you everything you need to know) and he's able to get his career back on track. It's quite frankly insulting that WB fired JD based on hearsay (her lawyers like that word, a lot) while keeping Ezra Miller after he was caught on video choking and throwing a woman to the ground and they're still sticking by that decision... 2 arrests later.
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